Chapter 4

Sunday had come and gone and Monday was just about coming to an end when Angie and Jesse finally saw each other again. “Hey! I didn’t think you would be home tonight,” Jesse hinted as he went to Angie’s side and hugged her. They had pulled up to the house at the exact same time.

“Same here,” she sighed, hugging him back and later handing him her purse and bag. “Thank you, baby.” Once they were in the house and sitting in the kitchen both enjoying a glass of water, Angie began to talk about her day. “How was your day?” She asked, soon after getting up and going to check the cabinets and refrigerator for inspiration for the evening.

Shrugging, Jesse began to unbutton his shirt. “Pretty slow today.”

“Oh? So why you look like that?” She hinted, looking over her shoulder. “You look like you have a lot on your mind.”

“I do… Kind of… But you know what, it’s not even that important.”

“Jesse, what is it?” She asked with a chuckle. “Obviously it’s pretty important, otherwise you wouldn’t look so troubled.”

Jesse cleared his throat and thought back to Friday and Saturday when he met with Cedrick. Because he didn’t want to ruin their weekend he hadn’t brought it up and had even managed to keep his thoughts at bay, until today that was. “Earlier today I got a call from my uh…an old friend of mine. You remember the other day I told you about that?”

“Yea, you hadn’t said anything else about it, so I just guessed everything was alright… Hey, how does oven fried chicken sound for dinner?”

“Uh, that’s good. But baby, let me cook dinner. Why don’t you go get a bath, soak?”

“Thank you, baby, but I’m good,” she replied. “So what’s going on with your friend now?” She asked letting him know she hadn’t forgotten what he just said, all the while getting the things she needed for dinner set out.

“Nothing, really. Not really big news… Except I was um… I was offered another job.”

“Really?” Angie said with glee as she turned around. “Is PVU asking for you to come teach? Oh, I just bet they are! All of the good you did in Minnesota, the news had no choice but to come back down,” she rambled. “This is great! Jesse, do you know what this would mean for us? For you?” She continued on, completely ignoring the look on his face. “With you being off for most of the summer, I can get my schedule on track with yours and we can take family vacations without the worry of missing out. Oh, I can just…. And you and Ellie can spend a lot more time together!”

Sighing, Jesse got up and stopped her from rambling and pacing. “Angela, it wasn’t the University,” he finally said.

“Oh… Well who was it?” She asked confusingly. “Who’s offering you another position?”

“The F.B.I.”


The room became so still and quiet as Angie stared deep into Jesse’s eyes for several minutes. She could not believe what she was hearing! Not that the FBI wanted him, they would be stupid not too. Jesse worked his behind off day in and day out to get the bad guys off the streets and look for new ways to solve crimes, older and new. No, she was shocked that he looked like he was actually entertaining the idea. “Oh, well I hope you told them, you couldn’t take it.”

“No, I didn’t. I told them I would talk to you first and then I would call them,” he explained, dropping his hands from her shoulders and going to sit at the bar.

“Okay, so you’ve spoken to me about it, the decision has been made, call them and tell them you can’t take the job. Simple at that.”

“Wait, what? Angela, we haven’t even talked about it, how can you say no already?”

Walking away, Angie called over her shoulder. “Easy! I opened my mouth and said no! You know the 14th and 15th letter of the alphabet?”

“Angela, why–“

“Because I said no and that’s final!” She snapped, before going upstairs and into their room.

Jesse dropped his head and sighed. Why he thought this was going to be a walk in the park was a complete mystery to him! A lot had changed in their relationship, but it wasn’t that much. “Angie,” he groaned, going after her. “Angela, baby, hear me out, please,” he begged, making his way into their bedroom and stopping her in her tracks to the adjoining bathroom. “Please, can we talk about this?”

“There’s nothing to talk about. I said no and that’s that. Simple,” she replied, walking around and going to prepare to take a shower. Just before she closed the door, Jesse grabbed her elbow and gave her a pleading look. “Jesse, I have nothing else to say about this.”

“Well I do,” he said. “I know why you don’t want me to go, but can you please hear why I have to?”

“You don’t have to do anything, you want to.”

Sighing, Jesse walked to the ottoman at the end of bed and sat down. “It’s not that simple,” he sighed again. “Angie, I have to do this. For m—“

“For you! Exactly!”

“For my family!” He said at the same time. “Forget about doing this for me, I’m doing this for us. For you.”

“How’s you joining the FBI benefiting me, Ellie or Frankie? How?” She asked, coming to stand in front of him. When he sat there saying nothing, staring at the floor with a sad and defeated look on his face, Angie pulled her shirt closed and sat next to him. “You asked me to listen, I’m listening. Why on earth do you have to do this? And for us for that matter?” She asked.

Taking a deep breath, Jesse turned his head slightly towards his wife. “Because… I see you busting your ass day in and day out to take care of this family and I want you to have a break. I want you to be able to say ‘Jesse, I am so ready to retire’ and I say ‘you go right ahead. I’ll take care of us from here on out’. That’s why.”

“You do take care of us. What are you talking about?” she asked confusingly.

“No, no I don’t. Angie, you bring home twice as much as I do. You take care o—“

Actually, Angie brought home 5 times more than Jesse regularly, but that was only because she was getting two checks instead of his one. And sometimes there was an extra check if she consulted on a case that required her expertise in infectious diseases. “Hold on,” she interjected, holding up her hand. “Are you telling me you’re ashamed of how much money I’m making?” She asked surprisingly. “Jesse, who gives a damn about who brings home what? I don’t.”

“No! I’m not ashamed of it. Hell, I’m proud of the woman you’ve become. I want you to have that.”

“So what is it? Jesse, I’m confused.”

Jesse turned and took his wife’s hands into his. “I feel like… I feel like there’s more I can be doing. For so many years, you’ve carried us. You’ve taken care of everybody and I want to carry you, I want to take care of you,” he explained. “If you ever get tired of working all those hours at the hospital and want to take a break, quit, I want you to be able to do it without any worries… Or… or… If you want to go forward with opening that private practice we spoke about, I want to be able to get that for you.”


“Besides! This will be just the thing Blanco needs. She’s been forcing me out, I take this job I won’t have to endure her crap anymore. I won’t have to worry about getting fired for finally going off on her. Angie… Taking this job is a big opportunity for all of us.”

Shaking her head, Angie fixed him with a knowing look. “It’s also as a bigger chance of you getting hurt or worse… Killed! What good would retiring or getting that private practice do me if you’re not here to share it with me?”

“Angie, it’s mostly desk wo—“

“Bull crap and you know it, Jesse Hubbard. You said that about this job and you’re out in the field more than you are behind that damn desk,” she reminded, before softening and dropping her head. “We just got back to this place! This place of comfort. This routine. Jesse, it took us years to get back here… I don’t want anything to mess this up.”

“You’re thinking about this all wrong.”

“No!” She fussed, not wanting to hear another word. “The answer is no! I do not give you permission to join the FBI,” she barked, getting up and walking away.

The words hit Jesse in the chest like a bullet. “Permission? Did you just say you don’t give me permission?” He asked, getting up as well. “Angela, I’m sure all the work you’ve been doing has finally gotten to you and you just forgot, but I am a grown man! I don’t need your permission to do anything.”

“I didn’t mean it like that, Jesse, I only meant… Wait! I haven’t forgotten a damn thing! I know who you are and what you are, I don’t need you to stand there and remind me,” she snapped.

“Well apparently you do,” Jesse snapped back. “Let me stand here and remind you, I am not one of your little doctors, I am not your child, and I don’t need your permission to make a decision about my life and my well-being.”

“Your life and your well-being? Oh… Well let me remind you of something my dear Jesse Hubbard, your life and your well-being now includes a 6 year old girl! You are not that young Jesse Hubbard that can jump onto planes and save lives.”

“Right…” He said with a nod. “I guess I should have thought about that before I jumped on a helicopter and saved your life… Yea, right,” he replied walking to the door. “Oh I forgot, do I have your permission to leave the room? Mother may I go for a walk or should I just drive? It’s safer right? Maybe then I won’t get jumped by a gang.”

“Jesse Hubbard, don’t you walk away from me!”

Looking up from the bottom of staircase, Jesse snatched on his jacket. “You’re not my mother, she’s dead.” And with that he walked out of the house and it was in that moment he began to realize that Angie was now starting to treat him like Les use to treat Pat. If she wasn’t at home taking care of the house and the kids, it was a crying shame. Angie told him millions of times that at she hated to see her mother succumb to his will like she did and vowed to never be the same way, but she never vowed to not become the one doing the ordering and controlling. “All this time,” he huffed, getting into his truck and pulling out.


“You’re such an idiot!” Angie hissed as she angrily turned and went to take a shower and later went to get started on dinner. The whole time she thought about what happened between her and Jesse. She could honestly say she had went about it the wrong way. At the time she wasn’t thinking before she spoke she was too heated to think about anything. The moment she said she didn’t give him permission she realized it was wrong and it was stupid, but even knowing all of that her pride just wouldn’t let her apologize or retract. “Now, who’s the idiot?” she scoffed, angrily flinging the pan of chicken into the over and slamming the door.

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