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Still doing some maintenance, but I did post the next part of That Should Be Me… Check it out and tell me what you think. I fixed it to where the new post is at the top of the page. It will be like this until the next update and so on and so forth… Also, if you look at the menu at the top you will see the title of the story and if you roll your mouse over it, it will drop down and voila! Each part of the story will be here as well. Now you all can access however you like.

Will We Be Seeing More of Diva Debbi in Daytime??? Hmmm…

It has been reported that Sony TV is planning to bring in a number of AMC’s actors to join it’s Daytime Drama’s. CBS’s Young and The Restless and NBC’s Day’s of Our Lives. Debbi Morgan was mentioned to be one of the ones they are looking into bringing on.

If you all recall sometime ago it’d been reported that Victoria Rowell (Drucilla Winters-Y&R) tried to get Debbi Morgan on the soap. It was never said why it hadn’t happened or if it’d been said I have not read up on it. Either way I will be more than willing to watch one of these if they pick her up. Debbi Morgan is an amazing actress and she deserves this and so much more. Now, let’s get Darnell Williams on one of these trains and baby we’ll be ready Freddy! LOL…

Let’s go into a little history. Debbi Morgan has been on a number of daytime drama’s. From All My Children to Generations to Loving to The City to Port Charles which later turned into General Hospital to The Bold and The Beautiful. Face it, this woman is a GEM! She’s the first to portray the SAME character on three different soaps! Seriously dudes and dudette’s! Did you know in the 80’s and 90’s, Morgan became a de facto symbol for the possibilities for African American woman because majority of her soap roles involved her as a very successful, independent doctor!

I can go on and on about Debbi and how much of a wonderful actress she is, but I won’t… Unless ya’ll want me too. Hehe. But seriously you all if we see this woman on another soap it’s because she deserves it. She’s a true daytime diva! Simple as that.


First all I need to apologize for not being as active as I’m normally am. Charge it to more life distractions and the past holiday. Went out of town and was unable to do my thing! LOL… Anywho, I’m back and though I am more than sure you all have been in the loop about the happenings of this craziness just thought I was refresh some memories.

One… Oprah says she will not pick up AMC and OLTL… I say screw her! Seriously, I can’t stand Oprah, never have and because of this probably never will. Call it nuts but I’m just telling you how I really feel. This is a blog, I speak my mind unlike what I am able or not able to do elsewhere. People think she is this oh so great woman, lade fricking da! If you all like her, hey more power to you this is just my feelings about her and her ways.

I know some of you are like she’s just jealous and what not, no actually I am not. Really and truly I am not envious of what she has or what she can do. I am perfectly happy with the life I am living. Trust and believe Ro-Ro is not the jealous type.

Anywho, what else is a happening…  Tuesday April 26th, 2011, there will be an ABC ACROSS AMERICA PROTEST!

Protest ABC-Daytime Soaps cancellations across America on April 26 starting at 10 am. Protest at the NY and LA studios… If you can’t make it there, do it at your local ABC affiliation! Let them hear you loud and clear. Everyone voice your opinions and feelings about this!

Again if we don’t make an effort why should they? Right?

Have you all been making those calls and sending in those letters? I surely hope so! Not sure what’s happening but I keep reading tweets from ABC stars about them “Hearing interesting things.” Could this mean that Frons is finally getting the boot? Is there a chance that AMC and OLTL will be saved? Is there a chance that another station is going to pick them up? Only time will tell and when I know, you all will know.

I believe that is all the info at the present moment. But the minute I know more so will you all. Please, please don’t stop those phone calls and the sending of the emails and letter’s. Even, *crossing fingers, legs, lips, eyes* (Looking ’bout as weird as I don’t know what! LMBO!) if they save these soaps, don’t stop calling in. Don’t stop letting them know how you feel about the soaps, letting the actresses and actors know how much you appreciate all they are doing. Let’s keep this genre alive! Let these people know and I do mean KNOW!

If you have not, please do… Sign this petition and visit the link below.

P.S: I have more awaiting as far as the story, “That Should Be Me” goes. But I need some feedback. Are you still around? Are you enjoying it? Do you want to see something else? Let a sistah know.

P.S.S: Did you all hear that Cady McClain is suppose to be coming back? I think she and Angie need to be reunited. If some of you all remember, Angie was around when JR was born and she helped saved the baby’s life. Wouldn’t it be cool for Angie and Dixie to become friends?

~*~Save Our Soaps~*~

Newsflash! Newsflash! Newsflash!!!

Hoover (The Vacuum Company) has heard our cries for these soaps and are pulling their advertisements from ABC! The official letter posted below!

To Our Loyal ABC Soap Fans
by Hoover on Monday, April 18, 2011 at 5:21pm
To all the loyal ABC soap fans,

I want you to know from me personally that we hear you loud and clear. My wife and mother are both passionate viewers of All My Children and One Life to Live, as are many of my colleagues here at Hoover. We were and are as disappointed with this news as you are.

In fact, we will discontinue our advertising with ABC this Friday, 4/22. We’re making every attempt to pull our spots from these programs sooner.

Because we feel that’s not enough, we also want to help get your voice heard with ABC. So, we’ve set up a special email address,, to help pull together the mass emotional outpouring of support for our beloved ABC soaps and get it to our contacts at ABC. Please, send your emails to us at, and we’ll get every, single last one of them to ABC.

We’re 150% committed to doing what matters most to you – so if there’s anything else we can do to help or you have any ideas, please email this address, and we will respond to you personally.

Thank you for standing up for what matters to you! We need more of that in this world.

Brian Kirkendall
Vice President of Marketing



Dancing With The Stars lost 13% of their viewers Monday night.

Other ABC sponsors are so close to pulling back because of the news of the cancellation of two of ABC’s longest running soaps… ABC should be getting the hint that either they listen to THE FANS and keep the soaps on or lose the station all together. No AMC and OLTL, no ABC!

There are more people we can call, send letters to. Website will be posted below. Keep it coming AMC Fans… AnJ Fans, keep it coming!!!

No Soaps, No ABC! Let’s give these people hell!

Save AMC!

I’m sure you all have heard by now that AMC and OLTL is being cancelled… Well there still might be a chance to save them…

If you have not heard about this… Link is below.

Follow them, retweet, retweet, retweet!

Write in, call in and let them know. Do it! Send Brian Frons a message on FB. I just sent off something myself. Don’t be like some of these so-called fans and give up so quickly. No, you love it and you love your people that’s on it, do it! Don’t give up. Giving up just shows it didn’t really matter. Don’t let them believe that for min….

You need email addresses and numbers here’s a list… – Carolyn Hinsey column feedback. – General feedback to appear in Sound Off section.

California: 818-460-7477…. Select the option for Audience response.

Robert Iger
Pres & CEO The Walt Disney Co.
500 South Buena Vista
Burbank, CA 91521

Anne Sweeney
President, ABC
500 South Buena Vista
Burbank, CA 91521

Brian Frons
President – ABC Daytime Programming
2300 Riverside Drive
Burbank, CA 91506

Julie Hanan Carruthers
Executive Producer
All My Children
4151 Prospect Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90027

Contact the #AllMyChildren ‘s Publicist Michael A. Cohen 212 456-1429.

ABC comment line: 212-456-7477 or 818- 460-7477 (Listen to the prompts and then press 255 for #AMC) Messages are 30 seconds in length.

Write to the stars and show your appreciation..

Actors Name
c/o ABC Studios
All My Children
4151 Prospect Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90027

Hell, if you want Oprah to pick up these soaps for her shows, write to her, email her, call her and let her know. She has said she’s a huge fan of the soaps. And her little network needs a ish load of ratings, then this is the way to go. She got connections, so why not, right!

LIVE tweet her tomorrow! Her twitter is @Oprah, let her know how much you want these shows to stay on and please make sure you add #oprahlivetweet in your tweets now they will go to the Oprah page! Lets blow this thing up!

Sign this petition if you have not.

If you don’t make an effort, why should they. (Think about it people.) Call me mean and harsh, I’m just letting you all know!

AnJ Vids

I really need to make some more Angie and Jesse videos… But at the moment I can’t think of a song or songs to use. Got any ideas? Let me know.

In the mean time… These are old, made them like a year or two ago. Anyway, just thought I would put them up seeing as they are about our beloved Angie and Jesse Hubbard and this place was created with them and their fans in mind! LOL! I hope you all enjoy! XoXo!