First all I need to apologize for not being as active as I’m normally am. Charge it to more life distractions and the past holiday. Went out of town and was unable to do my thing! LOL… Anywho, I’m back and though I am more than sure you all have been in the loop about the happenings of this craziness just thought I was refresh some memories.

One… Oprah says she will not pick up AMC and OLTL… I say screw her! Seriously, I can’t stand Oprah, never have and because of this probably never will. Call it nuts but I’m just telling you how I really feel. This is a blog, I speak my mind unlike what I am able or not able to do elsewhere. People think she is this oh so great woman, lade fricking da! If you all like her, hey more power to you this is just my feelings about her and her ways.

I know some of you are like she’s just jealous and what not, no actually I am not. Really and truly I am not envious of what she has or what she can do. I am perfectly happy with the life I am living. Trust and believe Ro-Ro is not the jealous type.

Anywho, what else is a happening…  Tuesday April 26th, 2011, there will be an ABC ACROSS AMERICA PROTEST!

Protest ABC-Daytime Soaps cancellations across America on April 26 starting at 10 am. Protest at the NY and LA studios… If you can’t make it there, do it at your local ABC affiliation! Let them hear you loud and clear. Everyone voice your opinions and feelings about this!

Again if we don’t make an effort why should they? Right?

Have you all been making those calls and sending in those letters? I surely hope so! Not sure what’s happening but I keep reading tweets from ABC stars about them “Hearing interesting things.” Could this mean that Frons is finally getting the boot? Is there a chance that AMC and OLTL will be saved? Is there a chance that another station is going to pick them up? Only time will tell and when I know, you all will know.

I believe that is all the info at the present moment. But the minute I know more so will you all. Please, please don’t stop those phone calls and the sending of the emails and letter’s. Even, *crossing fingers, legs, lips, eyes* (Looking ’bout as weird as I don’t know what! LMBO!) if they save these soaps, don’t stop calling in. Don’t stop letting them know how you feel about the soaps, letting the actresses and actors know how much you appreciate all they are doing. Let’s keep this genre alive! Let these people know and I do mean KNOW!

If you have not, please do… Sign this petition and visit the link below.



P.S: I have more awaiting as far as the story, “That Should Be Me” goes. But I need some feedback. Are you still around? Are you enjoying it? Do you want to see something else? Let a sistah know.

P.S.S: Did you all hear that Cady McClain is suppose to be coming back? I think she and Angie need to be reunited. If some of you all remember, Angie was around when JR was born and she helped saved the baby’s life. Wouldn’t it be cool for Angie and Dixie to become friends?

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