Will We Be Seeing More of Diva Debbi in Daytime??? Hmmm…

It has been reported that Sony TV is planning to bring in a number of AMC’s actors to join it’s Daytime Drama’s. CBS’s Young and The Restless and NBC’s Day’s of Our Lives. Debbi Morgan was mentioned to be one of the ones they are looking into bringing on.

If you all recall sometime ago it’d been reported that Victoria Rowell (Drucilla Winters-Y&R) tried to get Debbi Morgan on the soap. It was never said why it hadn’t happened or if it’d been said I have not read up on it. Either way I will be more than willing to watch one of these if they pick her up. Debbi Morgan is an amazing actress and she deserves this and so much more. Now, let’s get Darnell Williams on one of these trains and baby we’ll be ready Freddy! LOL…

Let’s go into a little history. Debbi Morgan has been on a number of daytime drama’s. From All My Children to Generations to Loving to The City to Port Charles which later turned into General Hospital to The Bold and The Beautiful. Face it, this woman is a GEM! She’s the first to portray the SAME character on three different soaps! Seriously dudes and dudette’s! Did you know in the 80’s and 90’s, Morgan became a de facto symbol for the possibilities for African American woman because majority of her soap roles involved her as a very successful, independent doctor!

I can go on and on about Debbi and how much of a wonderful actress she is, but I won’t… Unless ya’ll want me too. Hehe. But seriously you all if we see this woman on another soap it’s because she deserves it. She’s a true daytime diva! Simple as that.

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