Just A Few Spoilers…. Updated!!!

Monday, May 30th

AMC will be showing Tad and Cara’s wedding again. Angie calls home.

Wednesday June 1st

Angie attempts to console Madison, totally unaware she has lost her daughter too.

New! Angie is rattled when Madison accuses Angie of not knowing the pain of losing a child. (Oh snap… Oh S to the N to the A to the P!!!)

After the chat, Jesse sees Angie holding Lucy and the fact that Angie is in the same boat as Madison, but just doesn’t know, doesn’t escape him.

Friday June 3rd.

Jesse tells Jake he thinks Tad has real feelings for Cara.

See this is exactly what I mean… Not the Madison and Angie spoiler, that is all good in my neighborhood, but this mess with Jesse, Ricky, Jake, Tad and Cara… Please stop it! Let somebody else arrest Ricky. Jesse isn’t the only cop in the place. And Jake shouldn’t be worried about Tad and Cara anyway. He needs to be worried about his own damn wife! Jesse has other stuff he needs to be worried about and other people relationships isn’t one of them.

Mini rant, but I’m done.


One response to “Just A Few Spoilers…. Updated!!!

  1. Girl you are so right Jesse is not the only cop in pv but he is the COP and I think he is the one doing the arresting cuz mayor bitcho and sliza is breathing down his neck.

    Now on to the disrespectful errrrrrrr how the hell is that madison can do what ever it is to the hubbards but yet they are always there for her I know that, that’s the type of people that they are but how many times can you disreguard what she did to them. ans when the truth does come to light is madison going to be ther for angie in her time of need.

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