Need To Rant…

Okay y’all I got some stuff to get off my chest! And if you know me, you know I hold nothing back. I’m going to tell it like it T-I-IS! Whether you like it, love it, or hate it. It make no difference to me because I’m going to say what I want and do what I want. I am an ame— Okay… You all get the point… LOL!

Any who….

First of all I am really sick of my Angie and Jesse not being on! I mean come on they are in the middle of this wonderful, jaw dropping, sitting on the edge of your seat storyline and they are hardly on. Yet we got this Jane and Erica mess which I still don’t get, coming on damn near every day. (I love Erica. Love the Lucci. And really thinks she deserves soooo much better than this!) We got this Kendall and Griffin and Ricky crap, yet no frigging Angie and Jesse. Not even Brot! Not even a phone call from Natalia! WTF! Like seriously this is getting on my f’ing nerves.

Secondly, as much as I would like to see AMC saved… If they are going to keep this shit up. Bringing back dead folks every which of way they need to be cancelled. And if that is coming from my lips and my fingers you know I’m being straight honest. No offense, because I love Dixie. Have always been a fan of Tad and Dixie’s story and though I am happy to see her back, how many times can one person really die and come back to life? I mean seriously! Again I love Dixie and Tad but there has to be some kind of line drawn as far as how many times this woman has died and suddenly returned. Right, right, right, Jesse died and came back too. He was also an angel… But here’s the difference between dear old Big Daddy Hubbard and Dixie… Y’all ready… Here goes… Jesse only “died” once! One time! Uno!

Not two times, not three times… No, only one time and his fake death was explained perfectly! I mean come on even David got ahold of the same drug that was used to make Jesse’s heart stop long enough to set off the machine and later wheel him to the morgue. Again, his fake death was perfectly planned out.

How in the hell are they going to explain Dixie’s death and then coming back? If they are using Jesse’s thing, then uh… WTF! Stop recycling! The best storyline that could have been offered to where Cady came back. Have her come back as an angel againand help Tad find her real killer. Have her leave clues the same way she did for Adam when they were searching for Kathy. Speaking of which how are they going to explain that!?

Anyway back to what I was saying about bringing people back… I read somewhere that Zach was coming back. Yea I hope nobody was shocked about that. Hoped nobody hadn’t figured it out a long time ago. Every soap fan knows if the body hasn’t been found or there wasn’t an open casket funeral, there is a strong possibility the person is coming back. Sooooo obvious!

Okay…And since AMC sees fit to bring people back from the “dead”, how about bringing back Jenny! Jesse could really use his best friend right now. How about bringing baby Ellie! Huh?! How about giving Angie and Jesse back their real child!? Hell bring back Sara too. And while ya at it bring back Leora. You sit in that office figuring out ways to bring these other folks back, how about thinking about how to bring these babies back. How about figuring out how to make this show enjoyable.

Again you all wanna kill people off and then later bring them back, I think it’s time Ellie made her big comeback and I know the perfect way you all can explain it. It’s very believable too.

I won’t give you all the details, nor will I name names because I am not sure this wonderfully talented writer wants her info out there like that… But anyway awhile back she posted a wonderful idea that could definitely work out. Basically, Ellie is still alive and the grave where Jesse goes is empty. Brot not feeling comfortable with just leaving the baby like that takes her to a hospital, of course not PVH, where instead of the doctors pronouncing her dead, they are trying to find out where she came from and find a home for her, annnnnnnd, that’s all I can give you. But anyway this woman explained it to a T and I think… No as a matter of fact I know that it’s AMC worthy. I mean it has all the good juicy stuff our soap use to have back in the day. This is something I can see Agnes Nixon herself writing. That’s just how good this woman is… Again I won’t give her name, but if she’s reading this she knows and I applaud her for coming up with such a wonderful idea. You rock!!!

Other little things I should point out… Uh, remember the other week when Angie called Jesse on acting funny right after she and Liza had a conversation about it… Uh… AMC Where in the HELL is that scene? That was really stupid to cut that scene out when I know dang well you had it! Stop making room for these new stories, stop cutting out stuff and finish, I mean really finish the story you have already started. Stop giving us this cocky mammy shit and calling it a day. Finish, then you move on. Simple as that!

Don’t rush it. Don’t cut it. Just write it.

Like I say, I want to see All My Children saved just as much as the next person, but if this is how they are going to continue to run ship then… Sorry, but it deserves to be cancelled. Honest opinion. I know some people are thinking the same thing, but they’re not going to say it. Well I’m telling you now I’m not that person.

Besides, Debbi Morgan and Darnell Williams and Michael E. Knight deserves sooooo much more than this. They deserve the screen, hell they should own the front burner. Why? Because they are legends and they have been given crap for a while now.

Better yet, they need to shove AMC and move on to something better. Like their own soap. I’m so serious. This came to me not too long ago… Debbi Morgan, Victoria Rowell, Darnell Williams, Michael E. Knight, Cornelius Smith, JR Martinez… They need their own thing! They need a soap to themselves where they can shine. Show the world not only part of their god given talent but all of it. And no it doesn’t have to be just them, but they will be the stars of this soap. There will be other actors as well… Let me rephrase that… There will be others on it as well those who can ACT! Those who can make you feel their pain and not feel like YOU ARE in pain. There are some folks on AMC that make me feel like I’m dying from their utterly horrible acting. Like OMG, what do the casting department be thinking about? “Oh she or he is a hottie, they’re in…”Uh no! Hottie or nottie, they can’t act then they need to move around. Stop wasting your money on these hissing, spitting, dead behind the eyes, I can’t shed a tear to save my life, I can’t act like I’m in pain for nothing, wayyyyy over the top because I don’t know what the hell I’m doing wannabe actors and get some real ones in there.

Get me another Debbi Morgan up in that place… Well you can’t do that because there’s nobody that act like her. Just like there is nobody that can act like Victoria Rowell and the rest of the people I named above. They all have their different styles of acting, but guess what… They KNOW HOW to do it. Simple as that.

Anyway, I just had to let that go. Had to rant a bit. LOL… I am now stepping off my soap box and getting back to work on my stories. Feel like ranting as well go right ahead. This is a free country and this is place where you can be you. No mother hens watching.



One response to “Need To Rant…

  1. Girl ITA with you on everything and I know just who you are talking about with the ellie story she should be writing for amc. cuz I would definately watch it. yes and I feel ya on the bringing people back from the dead part like really how many times is dixie going to die and come back like how are they going to explain it this time. she died from posioned pancakes like come on now give me break with this dixie dying and coming back crap and this erica/jane story crap is sickening jane is making it so easy for everyone to see that she is not erica. and the bringing in of all these newbies what’s that all about you the cast that you allready have I see and get why they brought myah in what is the need for the baby father to come to pv soon or when ever it is suppose to happen now a lot of you think and say that Lucci is amc well I beg to differ I say Debbi Morgan and Darnell Williams are the ones who made amc popular. cuz I say when they came back alot of viewers came back to amc. now about these non acting wonnabes like Dv aka randi and Sk aka Natalia the people who play marissa, scott, asher, they can’t act and cry on cue to save their life and SK she proved that when she had a crying scene in Madea’s big happy family sorry Sk fan and those of you who have yet to see the movie I had to let you know. I think I am done now if not like AS said it best in the teminator I’ll be back.

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