Debbi and The Baby Switch SL

A bit late… But oh well… There’s a message here I want all of you to read.

This is from TV Guide and they had Emmy watch and they had a little conversation with Diva Debbi.

Debbi Morgan said she has no idea how the birth storyline will turn out, but doesn’t want JnA to lose baby Lucy. She then goes on to say that her character CAN forgive Jesse for lying to her. Leading her on. Why? Because “He did what he did because he couldn’t stand to see Angie suffer” and she, Debbi knows Angie will understand this. Also she’s been getting a lot of angry mail saying what Jesse did is a federal crime. Now don’t get it wrong and think Angie will just let this go. Nope! Her character will indeed lash out but there’s no way she won’t come around. She says AMC ends in September, BUT… Here’s the message you all need to read…


Understand that! Nothing and nobody can ruin this kind of love. Jesse said it best “Thick or thin baby, this is forever.”

Now I have a question… Which one of you losers sending Diva Debbi angry mail? Yall betta hursh that noise! I bet it was one of those watchers who said they weren’t going to watch anymore. Yep this has their name written all over it. Boooo! You guys suck! Instead of sending angry mail how about sending she and Darnell mail saying how wonderful they are doing and how much you love them.


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