Diva Debbi and Saving Our Daughters

As you all may know that Debbi Morgan and a few celebrities have gotten together with an author by the name of Curtis Benjamin to write a book to help empower our young girls today. The book is titled: “Saving Our Daughters; Who Will Save Our Little Girl? Just to name a few that are in this book, Tiffany Evans, Maya Angelou, Ankia Noni Rose and the list goes on.

These women are giving some much-needed inspiration to young girls who are going through what they went through. Being bullied and just wanting to end it all. As Debbi Morgan and many others have stated, bullying has become such an epidemic and it’s time something is done. They wanted to let the children all over the world who may be experiencing such, to know that they do not deserve this.

Debbi Morgan, who was chosen to be The National Spokeswoman for the Saving Our Daughters organization stopped by Fox News to speak on this book and read a little something written by her. She is very passionate about this because as she was coming up she was bullied and she just wanted to end it all. When she was sent the book to add some words of encouragement she wrote something a bit longer which they decided to use as a Foreword for the book.

The link to the video in which she speaks of this is posted below.

Bullying Awareness and Prevention Week – Debbi Morgan: MyFoxDC.com


To purchase this particular volume of “Saving Our Daughters” or all of them please follow the link below to order.



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