Updated!!! Coming To A Screen Near You (Spoilers)

Week of June 13th

On June 14th — Angie meets her baby mama, Maya and they really hit it off.

This should be very interesting! *Grabs pillow & moves to the foot of the bed* Can’t wait! Eeeeee!

Apparently this happens the very same day… Frankie being the oh so caring person that he is suggest that his mother hires Maya as Lucy’s nanny! You know to help Angie out.

((Yo Franklin… Did anybody ask you to interfere you big oof! Ugh!)) Maya is going to take one look at Lucy and know that it’s her baby. And then on a whim of emotions she’s going to take the child from the loft. Damn! This is getting good!

Angie tells Tad of David’s proposal... (To get her sight back you guys. Now you didn’t miss anything! LOL 😛 )

Jake plans a surprise for Amanda with Angie’s help. ((I would complain but I’m not. Have good reason not to.))


Week Of June 20th

Angie is determined more than ever to see again therefore she moves forward with David’s idea. ((Can somebody say oh SNAP! Jesse is going to flip, but we all know how Angie is. Yeppers!))


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