Kudos and Rant!

Okay first of all…

There will be three post. This one will be about the Daytime Emmy’s and the other will be about Angie, Lucy, & Jesse scenes from the previous week and the upcoming spoilers.

Now… yall ready?

Debbi Morgan and Darnell Williams looked so wonderful this evening! When Debbi came from the back I was like “Debbi,” you know that warning tone like girl don’t do it. Then when she came to a stand still and gave the view of that dress… Like Jesse says… BAM! She was rocking it. That dress was classy and just all the round beautiful. Her hair and her make-up, flawless, but what else could we expect from the Diva herself?

Diva D, rocked it like no other. Honey, putting these youngins to shame like no other. Two thumbs up doesn’t even began to compare the voting of what she wore because it was just that amazing. Uh Diva, do you think you can pass your secret on to one of your biggest fans? If you don’t want me to tell anybody I promise I won’t say a single word. Just hit me up with a comment or email me at rhonora@gmail.com… LOL!

Darnell Williams… OMG! *Swoons* That man is just like Angie said once before. “Fine as wine!” and my own little addition, “Only get’s better with time” Baby that man was just toooo damn fione for words! Grrrr! *My sexy growl* LOL. When he came out the back with her my mouth started watering like I was staring a piece of steak. *Wink-Wink Nudge-Nudge* LOL. But Darnell Williams, you are fine honey and please, please continue being my eye candy. *Purrs* Whoooo what I would give just hug you! LOL!

Debbi Morgan words about the fallen soaps…. I felt were so amazing. *Tear* “We move on, but you will forever be missed,”

You have no idea how missed you all will be…

Okay… Now… If there are some people who feel the Lead Actress Award went to the right person, you may not want to continue reading. Just saying!

Anyway, Debbi Morgan deserved to win that award and many others for her OUTSTANDING work on AMC! I mean the woman has been giving us way more than gold here! From the beginning of this storyline, no let’s be honest from the beginning, since she’s been on this show and others as well Debbi has acted her ass off like no other and for them to not give her this award just shows me the box is rigged.

I’m not saying that other woman can’t act or the others in the category can’t either, Alicia Minshew is amazing too! And I do think I would have been a little bit less ticked if she would have won. Anyway, the others can act from the little I have seen because AMC is my main show. That’s the only soap I watch now, anyway, they can do their thing but that award should have gone to Debbi Morgan. Hands down the woman is a powerhouse. Hands down Susan Lucci should have presenting that award to her fellow cast mate who can act circles and squares and rectangles around those other women.

I will always stand by this… Debbi Morgan is and will always be an Outstanding Lead… Outstanding Actress period! And when Victoria Rowell returns to the screen honey… Debbi Morgan and Victoria Rowell will always be Outstanding Actresses!

Okay I am done ranting… Just had to let you all know I am not happy about the turn-out and I am hoping that next year they realize who that Award should truly go too. And I am hoping that next year both Debbi and Darnell will be walking away with Outstanding Lead Actor and Actress awards together because… Three words… Acting is Fan-Fricking-Tastic!!!

Oh wait! One more thing… Weren’t they suppose to be doing a tribute or something to the fallen soaps? See they spent all that time of praising and worshipping to Oprah. The woman had her send off and if you ask me that was quite enough. (zzzz!)  Where the hell is the proper send off for AMC and OLTL? Daytime Emmy’s fail… EPIC FAIL! Try it again!


One response to “Kudos and Rant!

  1. Girl ita with your whole rant her dress was beautiful wasn’t it and she sure did put them youngin to shame I mean what were they thinking when they got dress oh yeah I know what they were thinking I look so k
    cute in my dress let’s me not wear a bra and I will look even cuter NOT I don’t think so.

    Now let to the point WTF were they thinking when they snub diva debbi like that it was like a slap inthe face don’t get me wrong lauran or what ever her name can act but diva debbi can act circles around her this is why I don’t watch the emmy awards when it’s shown on channel 2&4 cuz channel 7 always get snubbed just like they did tonight ok I’m done ranting.

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