Ro’s -Week Of June 13th- Thoughts

Tuesday the 14th we got to see our lovely Hubbard’s. And how lovely they were! Lucy, Angie, Jesse, Frankie, hell even Randi and our honorable Hubbard Brot! I wish Natalia could have been on, but I will not push my luck. Anyway, it was so good to see them all.

First off we saw Jesse and Angie strolling through the park with little Lucy getting ready to go to her Christening. Only the Hubbard’s. Just saying! Anyway, I loved their interaction and then OMG that picture they took so beautiful! I wish they would have taken the baby out the stroller and held her, but once again I will not push my luck. And was Angie looking beautiful or what!? I mean she was rocking that dress honey. *Snap 3times*

Loved how Jesse wanted to have sometime alone with his baby girl and Angie saying Lucy already had her daddy wrapped around her finger. Indeed she does. Loved the scenes between with Lucy and Ryan, for the first time in a long time I didn’t want to wrap my hand around Ryan’s throat. He spoke some wonderful words to Lucy and Jesse and I really-really felt for him. When Jesse took his baby back and said they are doing this for her and her baby sister, my heart broke. It was just too damn sweet! *Squeals* I love Jesse and Lucy.

At the hospital we see Frankie talking with Maya and then Angie comes up and meets the young woman. I love that AMC are not rushing this and they are letting it build up. Thank you for that AMC. Thank you for not rushing the meeting and the whole Maya seeing the baby for the first time since she left her.

I loved the scene where Jesse was freaking about Jake being late and then when the service began and Jake walked in extra late. ROTFLMBO! Everybody, except Angie, looked at him like “Dude, seriously.” Funny as hell scene!

The whole Christening was beautiful and very heartfelt and I couldn’t have done it better myself.

Later we see Jesse and his girls at Krystal’s and Brot walks in with Maya. I don’t think I’ve said it but I love how the Hubbard’s have “adopted” Brot as one of their own and not as their daughter/step daughter’s boyfriend. Brot needs a family and what better family than The Hubbard’s!

Thursday the 16th we see Mama Hubbard back at work! Finally!

I will always say this… I just adore Angie and Jake’s friendship and Angie and Tad’s friendship… It’s so real! And I gotta say this because I was reminded of an argument I had with another AnJ fan about men and women and the difference between friends and lovers between men and women.

Honey, boo-boo… This is just a proven fact that men and women can indeed be friends WITHOUT jumping into bed with each other. So before you say one can’t be there for the other and “omg they are so cheating” just because they share a damn hug or give each other good advice, just take one look at how close Tad and Jake have been to Angie and how they are NOT CHEATING. *Snap 3times* Thank you!

Anyway all and all our Hubbard’s this week were very enjoyable. To be honest any time they are on it’s enjoyable. I thoroughly loved those scenes and I can not wait for more.

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