Week of June 20th Spoilers

Amanda cries on Angie’s shoulder. ((Amanda I hope you’re there for Angie when the time comes. The exact same way she’s there for you and your husband.)

Tuesday 21st

Angie, Frankie and Jake react to “Erica’s” news about her partner, David “The Snake” Hayward. Only Angie’s reaction is one nobody expects. (Scratches chin… mhmm? Wonder, wonder?)

Thursday 23rd

Angie interviews her baby mama. Will Maya become Lucy’s nanny?

Angie is more determined than ever to see again.

She makes a promise to Jesse but later David get’s a hold of her and talks some sense into her. Tells her to think for herself! Supposing-ly she agrees to go through with the treatment…

Now all of this is to happen after David’s advances earns him a nice right hook! (ooooof!) Who will deliver this right hook? Jesse? Angie? Frankie? Mhmm!

Only time will tell on this week of All My Children! Stay tuned peeps!

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