Kudos and Rant!

Okay first of all…

There will be three post. This one will be about the Daytime Emmy’s and the other will be about Angie, Lucy, & Jesse scenes from the previous week and the upcoming spoilers.

Now… yall ready?

Debbi Morgan and Darnell Williams looked so wonderful this evening! When Debbi came from the back I was like “Debbi,” you know that warning tone like girl don’t do it. Then when she came to a stand still and gave the view of that dress… Like Jesse says… BAM! She was rocking it. That dress was classy and just all the round beautiful. Her hair and her make-up, flawless, but what else could we expect from the Diva herself?

Diva D, rocked it like no other. Honey, putting these youngins to shame like no other. Two thumbs up doesn’t even began to compare the voting of what she wore because it was just that amazing. Uh Diva, do you think you can pass your secret on to one of your biggest fans? If you don’t want me to tell anybody I promise I won’t say a single word. Just hit me up with a comment or email me at rhonora@gmail.com… LOL!

Darnell Williams… OMG! *Swoons* That man is just like Angie said once before. “Fine as wine!” and my own little addition, “Only get’s better with time” Baby that man was just toooo damn fione for words! Grrrr! *My sexy growl* LOL. When he came out the back with her my mouth started watering like I was staring a piece of steak. *Wink-Wink Nudge-Nudge* LOL. But Darnell Williams, you are fine honey and please, please continue being my eye candy. *Purrs* Whoooo what I would give just hug you! LOL!

Debbi Morgan words about the fallen soaps…. I felt were so amazing. *Tear* “We move on, but you will forever be missed,”

You have no idea how missed you all will be…

Okay… Now… If there are some people who feel the Lead Actress Award went to the right person, you may not want to continue reading. Just saying!

Anyway, Debbi Morgan deserved to win that award and many others for her OUTSTANDING work on AMC! I mean the woman has been giving us way more than gold here! From the beginning of this storyline, no let’s be honest from the beginning, since she’s been on this show and others as well Debbi has acted her ass off like no other and for them to not give her this award just shows me the box is rigged.

I’m not saying that other woman can’t act or the others in the category can’t either, Alicia Minshew is amazing too! And I do think I would have been a little bit less ticked if she would have won. Anyway, the others can act from the little I have seen because AMC is my main show. That’s the only soap I watch now, anyway, they can do their thing but that award should have gone to Debbi Morgan. Hands down the woman is a powerhouse. Hands down Susan Lucci should have presenting that award to her fellow cast mate who can act circles and squares and rectangles around those other women.

I will always stand by this… Debbi Morgan is and will always be an Outstanding Lead… Outstanding Actress period! And when Victoria Rowell returns to the screen honey… Debbi Morgan and Victoria Rowell will always be Outstanding Actresses!

Okay I am done ranting… Just had to let you all know I am not happy about the turn-out and I am hoping that next year they realize who that Award should truly go too. And I am hoping that next year both Debbi and Darnell will be walking away with Outstanding Lead Actor and Actress awards together because… Three words… Acting is Fan-Fricking-Tastic!!!

Oh wait! One more thing… Weren’t they suppose to be doing a tribute or something to the fallen soaps? See they spent all that time of praising and worshipping to Oprah. The woman had her send off and if you ask me that was quite enough. (zzzz!)  Where the hell is the proper send off for AMC and OLTL? Daytime Emmy’s fail… EPIC FAIL! Try it again!

Emmy Reminder!!!

For an evening of Razzle Dazzle with the stars don’t forget to tune in to the 38th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards Show!!!  (They said Wayne Brady was planning a little razzle dazzle. We shall see!) Anyway, you all tune into CBS, check your local listings for other needed info and enjoy.

Once again Congratulations to all the Nominees!!!

Debbi Morgan Interview with TV Guide

These are bittersweet times for Debbi Morgan. The groundbreaking actress — daytime’s first black female superstar — is once again riding high on All My Children in the sudsiest of plots. Her character, Angie Hubbard, stopped taking crucial medication and allowed herself to go blind when she discovered she was pregnant, only to deliver a stillborn baby. Angie has no idea her child died because her hubby, Jesse (Darnell Williams), pulled a switch and gave her an abandoned newborn. Meanwhile, the baby’s real mother has been working as a housemaid in Pine Valley. This emotional time bomb has helped make Morgan a front runner in the best actress race for Sunday’s Daytime Emmys. Fabulous, right? But then there’s that damn cancellation. TV Guide Magazine spoke with the divinely dimpled diva about her shot at a second Emmy, the end of AMC and that report that said she’s moving to a Sony soap!

TV Guide Magazine: Congrats, my dear! Your first and last Emmy came in 1989, so you’ve been away from the podium much too long!
Morgan: I know! I’m over the moon with the nomination and so happy to be going out with such wonderful material, but the thought of never playing Angie again is too much to bear. To look back and realize I started playing her in the early ’80s — 30 years ago! — is such an emotional thing. So many young teenage girls now sit down to watch AMC with their moms, who are saying “I’ve been watching Angie since she was a young girl back in the day!” They’re learning about my character from their mothers! I’m looking forward to going on to other things. But it’s one thing when you make that decision for yourself, it’s another when that decision is made for you. [Laughs]Big difference!

TV Guide Magazine: Were you on the set the day the ax came down, or did you hear it second hand?
Morgan: That was a Thursday morning and I was on a plane flying back home to Maryland at 8 a.m. When I landed, I turned on my cell phone and had dozens and dozens of text messages. I’m like, “What the hell?” I open one, and it’s from my makeup artist at AMC saying, “Debbi, I cannot stop crying!” I’m thinking, “Oh, my goodness, what happened? I hope she didn’t lose her job.” Then I walk out of the terminal and my husband is driving up. He gets out of the car before I can check the next text and grabs me and says, “Are you OK? I didn’t know how you would take the news.” I’m like, “Huh? What are you talking about?” And he says, “The show. You know your show got cancelled, don’t you?” I couldn’t believe it! I was, like, “What the F?” But I guess I wasn’t really surprised.

TV Guide Magazine: Why’s that?
Morgan: When all those cancellation rumors first came out and sort of lingered, I knew there had to be some truth in it, especially because the network never said anything to us. It wasn’t like ABC was denying it. I had it in my gut. But I never imagined it would happen so quickly. We knew the ratings were going down and that soaps aren’t what they used to be, but to be cancelled so suddenly, so fast? To have just three or four months to wrap things up was the part that was absolutely shocking. I thought maybe they’d give us a year. To think this is the end of Erica Kane! She’s an institution. It’s like the end of a dynasty. Doesn’t it seem surreal? [Laughs] Sometimes I wonder, why the hell do we do this? What are we thinking? As an actor, every time you lose a job you have this feeling like you’re never gonna work again. This is my last job! That’s always in your head.

TV Guide Magazine: But according to Deadline.com you have your next gig all lined up. You’re moving to one of the Sony soaps — The Young and the Restless or Days of Our Lives. Or so they say.
Morgan: I don’t know where that rumor got started. There are also rumors that Susan is going to Desperate Housewives.

TV Guide Magazine: Yeah, but this was more than a rumor, Debbi. Deadline.com, is a highly reliable site and claimed their info came from Sony Pictures TV president Steve Mosko. He reportedly wants to grab you and Jacob Young (JR) from AMC and Gina Tognoni (Kelly) and Josh Kelly (Cutter) from One Life to Live. You’re saying that’s not true?
Morgan: Well, if it’s true, why do you think nobody’s contacted me yet? My friends keep calling and saying, “I hear you’re going to Y&R” but I’ve never heard a word from Sony or anyone else about this. I swear there have never been any conversations!

TV Guide Magazine: Well, let’s say that offer does come through. Will you bite?
Morgan: I’d like to get back in the game again, and see what’s out there for me in terms of movies and prime time, but if I was ever going to do another soap, Y&R would probably be the only one. Not that there’s a lot left. This is all so bittersweet. There’s the Emmy nomination. I got to go on The Oprah Winfrey Show one more time before it ended. I’m going to be a spokesperson for this really great anti-bullying organization called Saving Our Daughters. I can’t complain. And, like they say, when one door opens…

TV Guide Magazine: Well, before it does, let’s talk plot. Where is this Angie story going?
Morgan: I know she will eventually get her eyesight back, but I have no idea how this baby story turns out. I’ll tell you one thing: I don’t want the birth mother reclaiming that child! Angie does find out that this really isn’t her kid but in terms of what happens with the real mother — Will she take the baby and run off? Will Angie keep the baby? — I just don’t know. Since we have so little time left with the show, they’ll want to end things on a happy note, so I’m thinking things are going to work out just fine.

TV Guide Magazine: What will Angie do when she find outs Jesse has been scamming her? Won’t she be pissed?
Morgan: [Laughs] Well, yeah, because what he did is against the law, actually. I get a lot of angry mail saying, “What Jesse did is a federal crime!” And he’s the chief of police!

TV Guide Magazine: Welcome to Pine Valley, baby!
Morgan: [Laughs] Welcome, indeed! It’s a crazy town! Darnell is always, like, “Wait a minute, now. Angie is the chief of staff at Pine Valley Hospital, and Jesse is the chief of detectives. Why are we living in this dump of a loft? What’s wrong with this picture?”

TV Guide Magazine: So Angie will just forgive him?
Morgan: Oh, I didn’t say that! [Laughs] Angie chose to go blind so she could delivery her child and then the baby dies! And there, conveniently, was an abandoned newborn. Jesse did what he did because he couldn’t stand to see Angie suffer and I know she’ll understand that. It’s hard to say what you’d do unless you walked in Jesse’s shoes. My character may indeed lash out at him, but there’s no way she won’t come around. Any kind of distance or separation, anything that makes her pull away, would have to be short-lived. [Laughs] And, let me tell ya honey, they ain’t putting my baby in jail! AMC ends in September but Angie and Jesse are forever!

So you’ve just read the whole Sony wanting Debbi thing was a rumor… 😦 But then again Deadline has always been on point so maybe, just maybe they are just waiting for the perfect time to approach our girl. Well uh… Sony it’s about time you approach her. Stop screwing around, pick up that dang phone and get in touch with this gem and her wonderful partner Darnell Williams. What the HECK are you waiting on?! Hello!

And something else, I totally agree with Darnell.A  Chief of Staff and a Chief of Police, yet they have no house of their own. AMC! What the hell is your deal?! Give my couple a damn house before the show ends. Like they want a fresh start so Jesse buys a house so they can start on the path of forgiveness. Come on people…

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Emmy Interview with S.O.D

Debbi Morgan who was coming out of her Pilates class saw she had 10 or 11 Congratulation’s messages on her phone. At first she thought All My Children got extended or something. Then she opened Julie H. Carruthers message and there the message laid. She was a nominee for “Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series”

She discusses how she usually choose scenes with her partner Darnell Williams, but she instead chose a scene with Ricky P. Goldin. Of course you all know during her character’s pregnancy days she had some wonderful scenes with him. Co-nominees Zenk, Flannery, Stafford and [her girl] Minshew all called her to squeal. She’s not used to talking to some of these ladies, so that was special to her.

Updated!!! Coming To A Screen Near You (Spoilers)

Week of June 13th

On June 14th — Angie meets her baby mama, Maya and they really hit it off.

This should be very interesting! *Grabs pillow & moves to the foot of the bed* Can’t wait! Eeeeee!

Apparently this happens the very same day… Frankie being the oh so caring person that he is suggest that his mother hires Maya as Lucy’s nanny! You know to help Angie out.

((Yo Franklin… Did anybody ask you to interfere you big oof! Ugh!)) Maya is going to take one look at Lucy and know that it’s her baby. And then on a whim of emotions she’s going to take the child from the loft. Damn! This is getting good!

Angie tells Tad of David’s proposal... (To get her sight back you guys. Now you didn’t miss anything! LOL 😛 )

Jake plans a surprise for Amanda with Angie’s help. ((I would complain but I’m not. Have good reason not to.))


Week Of June 20th

Angie is determined more than ever to see again therefore she moves forward with David’s idea. ((Can somebody say oh SNAP! Jesse is going to flip, but we all know how Angie is. Yeppers!))