Spoilers Week of August 1st

While out in the park with Lucy, Maya faces off with Mookie! ((You think he will see Lucy and know or do you think this kid is just as dumb as they come? I will go with the latter.))

Angie threatens to have Mookie taken downtown if he lays even a finger on Maya. ((She warned you boy!))

Maya, feeling more and more comfortable with Angie opens up to her about the abuse.

Tuesday ~~ August 2nd. Jesse shares with Brot his feelings about Maya and Lucy being close and wonders how he is going to separate them. ((Kind of a tough task there Jesse. The girl is living under your roof and Lucy has fallen for her and so has Angie.))

Wednesday~~ August 3rd. ((This is an oh shiiiii spoiler!)) Maya points out how much Lucy looks like the baby she gave up to… Angie! ((Oooooh crap!))

Jesse wonders if he should tell Angie the truth about Lucy not really being hers. ((It might be a little better if she hears it from him. Either way there will be consequences nobody can run from.))

David continues to put Angie off and she starts fearing that he will not restore her sight before he leaves town. ((David!))

Spoilers Week of July 25th

Tuesday ~~ Jesse receives the DNA results he had ran on Maya and Lucy and his worst fears are confirmed. Brot tries to calm him down. ((Oh shiz-nic!))

Think this is the same day… Angie talks Maya into moving in with them. ((What the deuce! Shoot I need to move to Pine Valley and make good with Angie that way I can get with good ole Jesse… *Taps Hand* Bad girl! Anyway, told yall Angie was going to be mother figure this girl needs.)) Oh and Jesse is going to freak the hell out when he finds out that his baby mama is now living with them. ((Hell I’ll be freaking out too. Damn they need to set aside another padded cell for Jesse once this is all over. He’s going to lose his mind. Move over Dix.))

Wednesday~~ Jesse’s freak out goes unmissed by his wife and his son who begins to question him about it concern towards Maya. Jesse approaches Frankie about something Maya has not yet told him. ((Jesse if it’s about her already having a kid Frank knows.))

I also think Jesse discloses the information from Lucy’s test results with his son. ((*Slaps the back of Jesse’s head* You fool! What you go and do that for? You know how close Frankie and Angie are and they don’t keep a lot from each other. Oh man, oh man. Must watch!))

Angie and Mookie face off! She doesn’t like the way he’s treating Maya and dictating her every move. ((Will we finally get to see Angie use that stick for a weapon? I’ve been waiting on that since Natalia caught a attitude with her sometime back before she left for San Francisco.)) ((I don’t think Jesse’s going to be happy that his wife is facing off with bad-boys.))

Brot tells a distraught Jesse about a strange woman(Dixie) he sees in the park. Jesse doesn’t give a two-cents because on the edge of what he has found out about Lucy and Maya. ((Brot you know this man. This is all Jesse has his mind on right now..))

Week of August 1st

Jesse is confused on what to do about Maya/Lucy/Angie situation. ((Ain’t much you can do buddy. Tell the truth yourself or let it come out on it’s own))

No Darnell? Debbi Says? Ro’s Apology….

Don’t know how true this is, but giving that his ace boone won’t be on anymore I can definitely seeing it being really true. Anyway, there is saying that not only is Debbi Morgan leaving AMC. Of course with the news that Diva D is heading to Y&R that was a given. But her acting partner and the oh so delectable, milk dude, with the beautiful I wanna kiss ‘em heart shaped lips Darnell is leaving as well. It says that Darnell Williams will be departing AMC once the soap wraps up. Meaning he will not be going into the online series.

So… You all know what that means. Just in case you don’t let me tell ya… AMC + Online – Debbi – Darnell = Ro ain’t watching!. That’s right I said it before. Even if one stuck around I would continue, but once that one left I was outty five thousand. Kudos to AMC for being revived and others keeping their jobs, but I can’t stay. Following my peeps elsewhere!

Then… What will happen to All My Hubbard’s? Will you continue to write fan-fics? Hell yea! This blog will stay up and I will continue to bring you fan-fics… “Angie and Jesse are forever!”

Also… Where is Darnell going? What is he going to do? Movies? Another soap? Whatever happens I’m following him. Whoooo weeee I’m following! *Drool* LOL!


I’m sure you all have read that Debbi will not be playing Drucilla. If you have not then check the Diva’s blog… http://debbimorgan.org/the-rumors-are-true.html#more-1056 She also speaks on how she’s hopeful her fans will follow her.

I have read messages from folks saying they just can’t. They can’t do it. Well to you I say… WHATEVER! But when people start coming back to you tell you ‘man it is damn good’, don’t be saying nothing like ‘yea I knew it was going to be good’ or ‘I have been watching from the beginning’ or ‘yea she made a good choice by going.’ Naw! Yall hursh that noise and stay in the corner.

For those who will be making the journey with Diva Debbi, baby daw’lins I send you all virtual high fives. Yall rock! And be sure to let the Diva know that you, her true fans through whatever, will be following her. I have a feeling she will definitely appreciate it.


Speaking of fan fics when are you going to update? I bet some of you are asking. I know-I know I am so behind and for that I apologize. I am currently out of town and as relaxing as it is I am not able to put all my focus on my writing. Which is weird because they say in order to write and let the ideas come like a train you need to clear your mind, relax, take a minute or two and then come back to it (Something like that) But it isn’t working in my favor. Not like I want it to. Homesick? I think. But guys I’m trying to focus. I am so trying! Believe me. ((I’m heading home Saturday, so I’m sure once I’m home and in my zone I’ll be able to do what I have to do.))

Week of July 18th Spoilers

Monday 18th~~ Maya feels a surprising connection to little Lucy. ((Rut-to the mutha fricking-Rho!)) Sometime in the week Jesse is going to feel uneasy by that connection and will confide in Brot about it.

Tuesday 19th~~ When Maya confides in ole Frankie boy Jesse overhears but he decides to just let this slide. Until… He sees her ole dude. ((Oh boy! The ish is about the hit the fan, I can smell it already.))

David lies Jesse catches him in it. ((Run David ru— Wait no! WTF wrong with me? Jesse grab him!))

Jesse and Liza reach a new understanding…(( Really now? First Angie and David and now Jesse and Liza. Really! AMC I swear you already on a thin line with me you go where I think you’re going we’re going to have a problem!))

Angie and her baby mama, Maya(that will always be funny to me) have a heart to heart. ((Can’t wait to see this one. Angie’s going to be the mother figure Maya really needs.))

Week of July 25th…

Jesse orders a DNA test to confirm suspicions about Maya and Lucy and receives the results. Are they results he’s looking for? Hoping for? What?

Spoilers Week Of July 11th

Monday July 11th—David shares some personal info with Angie. ((Yikes!))

Friday July 15th— Angie and David’s uneasy truce moves forward once she get’s news that her treatment is progressing. David will continue to open to her and I read that she will do the very same. ((Jesse! Watch this man!))

Happens this week just don’t know what day.

Jesse admits to Brot that the chance of Angie getting her sight back terrifies him. ((Oh yea buddy boy you better be terrified, because she is going to knock your tail OUT! Still love you though. LOL!))

Maya wants to take the nanny job, she goes back to Frankie for help with that.

Debbi Morgan joins Y&R!!!!

You guys it has been confirmed Debbi Morgan-Winston is going to Young and the Restless after AMC wraps up on-screen in September! There is still no word on what kind of character she will be playing, but there is a hint…

 Kristoff St. John is somewhere doing backflips…

mhmmm!!! Yall thinking what I’m thinking?

I am so happy that our girl is getting ready for some new things, but you guys I still can’t help but wonder… Because Angie and Jesse are so popular what’s going to happen? Will they recast Angie? (Can’t nobody do Angie like Debbi can, point-blank. Tried that once before and I don’t think Sandra.Q lasted that long. LOL) Will they hook Jesse up with somebody else? Will Y&R give Darnell a nice offer and bring him over as well? Will Y&R and AMC come together and create a knock out storyline? I mean come on! There are so many possibilities here.

Though I am saddened that my girl is leaving AMC, I am very happy she has a steady job. AMC going online totally not a bad thing, but is it steady enough considering?

Congratulations to Debbi Morgan-Winston!

You go over there and knock em dead honey! 

PS: Haven’t watch Y&R since they “killed” off Dru, but I will definitely be going back for this. I’m back Y&R, I’m back! Now y’all screw my girl over, then we’ll have some problems. *Practicing my one two punch*

PSS: Even though our girl going on to bigger things, Angie and Jesse are still Forever!