Breaking News Folks!!!

Must be some good or hopeful news if I stopped working on my stories and even shut off my Darnell Williams’s music. Haha! Yall betta recognize! Anywhoooo yall ready?






All My Children might be saved!!!

It was just reported by the New York Post that ABC sold the rights of All My Children and One Life to Live! The article says that the show will pick up where they left off. Meaning the storylines that are happening now will continue on.

Now, ABC has not yet confirmed this story it could be just another rumor but you all we are going to hope and pray it’s not. We are going to hope and pray that our soap will live on!

And as sure as my name is Roniqua when more word come through on this news I will be bringing the info to you! My word!

Also, for those who just have to read it like I had to, here’s the link.



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