Debbi Morgan & Y&R!

What’s up!!!!!

First of all I hope you all had a good 4th of July! Ate like crazy and enjoyed time with your family and/or friends.

Now… Some news on the wonderful Debbi Morgan.

Remember a few weeks back I posted here that another site said that Sony was looking to pick up Debbi Morgan for either Days of our Lives or Young and the Restless? Remember during an interview I posted not long ago with Diva Debbi and TV Guide saying she didn’t know anything about that. She hadn’t gotten the call or anything?

Well obviously Sony got their acts together and finally made that call. Maybe! Y&R hasn’t made a offical statement, but rumors say, Debbi Morgan signed on the dotted line to join the Young and the Restless cast.

If this is true then you all know I am happy!


Read this.

The rumor that Daytime Emmy winner Debbi Morgan (Angie, ALL MY CHILDREN) will be headed to THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS once the ABC soap wraps production seems to be becoming more of a reality! Although Y&R has no official comment, multiple sources are telling Soaps In Depth that a deal is in place for the actress to join the cast, making her the first from the cancelled ABC series to land another soap gig. No word yet on the character she’ll play, but according to our spies, Morgan will be involved with Kristoff St. John (Neil) and Julia Pace Mitchell(Sofia).

Once I know more you all will know more. Don’t doubt that!

So let me ask you all a question…

What kind of character do you think Debbi Morgan will be playing? A good character? A bad character? A crazy character? What? Y’all speak ya minds on the comments and in the next post I make I will quote you. Or you can email your thoughts to me. Either way if you want to be quoted in the next post holla at a sista!


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