Debbi Morgan joins Y&R!!!!

You guys it has been confirmed Debbi Morgan-Winston is going to Young and the Restless after AMC wraps up on-screen in September! There is still no word on what kind of character she will be playing, but there is a hint…

 Kristoff St. John is somewhere doing backflips…

mhmmm!!! Yall thinking what I’m thinking?

I am so happy that our girl is getting ready for some new things, but you guys I still can’t help but wonder… Because Angie and Jesse are so popular what’s going to happen? Will they recast Angie? (Can’t nobody do Angie like Debbi can, point-blank. Tried that once before and I don’t think Sandra.Q lasted that long. LOL) Will they hook Jesse up with somebody else? Will Y&R give Darnell a nice offer and bring him over as well? Will Y&R and AMC come together and create a knock out storyline? I mean come on! There are so many possibilities here.

Though I am saddened that my girl is leaving AMC, I am very happy she has a steady job. AMC going online totally not a bad thing, but is it steady enough considering?

Congratulations to Debbi Morgan-Winston!

You go over there and knock em dead honey! 

PS: Haven’t watch Y&R since they “killed” off Dru, but I will definitely be going back for this. I’m back Y&R, I’m back! Now y’all screw my girl over, then we’ll have some problems. *Practicing my one two punch*

PSS: Even though our girl going on to bigger things, Angie and Jesse are still Forever!

One response to “Debbi Morgan joins Y&R!!!!

  1. I’m sorry but I’m not happy about that decision because the Hubbards were the first two people that caught my attention and still keeps me watching All My Children. I’m wondering the the same questions. I just hope that they don’t replace her. If they do, millions,including me,wouldn’t agree at all. There is no other Angie Baxter(Hubbard,Harrison,Foster) Hubbard.This topic just breaks my heart, I actually cried a little today about it:/

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