No Darnell? Debbi Says? Ro’s Apology….

Don’t know how true this is, but giving that his ace boone won’t be on anymore I can definitely seeing it being really true. Anyway, there is saying that not only is Debbi Morgan leaving AMC. Of course with the news that Diva D is heading to Y&R that was a given. But her acting partner and the oh so delectable, milk dude, with the beautiful I wanna kiss ‘em heart shaped lips Darnell is leaving as well. It says that Darnell Williams will be departing AMC once the soap wraps up. Meaning he will not be going into the online series.

So… You all know what that means. Just in case you don’t let me tell ya… AMC + Online – Debbi – Darnell = Ro ain’t watching!. That’s right I said it before. Even if one stuck around I would continue, but once that one left I was outty five thousand. Kudos to AMC for being revived and others keeping their jobs, but I can’t stay. Following my peeps elsewhere!

Then… What will happen to All My Hubbard’s? Will you continue to write fan-fics? Hell yea! This blog will stay up and I will continue to bring you fan-fics… “Angie and Jesse are forever!”

Also… Where is Darnell going? What is he going to do? Movies? Another soap? Whatever happens I’m following him. Whoooo weeee I’m following! *Drool* LOL!


I’m sure you all have read that Debbi will not be playing Drucilla. If you have not then check the Diva’s blog… She also speaks on how she’s hopeful her fans will follow her.

I have read messages from folks saying they just can’t. They can’t do it. Well to you I say… WHATEVER! But when people start coming back to you tell you ‘man it is damn good’, don’t be saying nothing like ‘yea I knew it was going to be good’ or ‘I have been watching from the beginning’ or ‘yea she made a good choice by going.’ Naw! Yall hursh that noise and stay in the corner.

For those who will be making the journey with Diva Debbi, baby daw’lins I send you all virtual high fives. Yall rock! And be sure to let the Diva know that you, her true fans through whatever, will be following her. I have a feeling she will definitely appreciate it.


Speaking of fan fics when are you going to update? I bet some of you are asking. I know-I know I am so behind and for that I apologize. I am currently out of town and as relaxing as it is I am not able to put all my focus on my writing. Which is weird because they say in order to write and let the ideas come like a train you need to clear your mind, relax, take a minute or two and then come back to it (Something like that) But it isn’t working in my favor. Not like I want it to. Homesick? I think. But guys I’m trying to focus. I am so trying! Believe me. ((I’m heading home Saturday, so I’m sure once I’m home and in my zone I’ll be able to do what I have to do.))

2 responses to “No Darnell? Debbi Says? Ro’s Apology….

  1. I totally agree with you. If the actual Hubbards aren’t on All My Children, then I just can’t sit there and watch it.

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