Week of July 18th Spoilers

Monday 18th~~ Maya feels a surprising connection to little Lucy. ((Rut-to the mutha fricking-Rho!)) Sometime in the week Jesse is going to feel uneasy by that connection and will confide in Brot about it.

Tuesday 19th~~ When Maya confides in ole Frankie boy Jesse overhears but he decides to just let this slide. Until… He sees her ole dude. ((Oh boy! The ish is about the hit the fan, I can smell it already.))

David lies Jesse catches him in it. ((Run David ru— Wait no! WTF wrong with me? Jesse grab him!))

Jesse and Liza reach a new understanding…(( Really now? First Angie and David and now Jesse and Liza. Really! AMC I swear you already on a thin line with me you go where I think you’re going we’re going to have a problem!))

Angie and her baby mama, Maya(that will always be funny to me) have a heart to heart. ((Can’t wait to see this one. Angie’s going to be the mother figure Maya really needs.))

Week of July 25th…

Jesse orders a DNA test to confirm suspicions about Maya and Lucy and receives the results. Are they results he’s looking for? Hoping for? What?

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