Spoilers Week of July 25th

Tuesday ~~ Jesse receives the DNA results he had ran on Maya and Lucy and his worst fears are confirmed. Brot tries to calm him down. ((Oh shiz-nic!))

Think this is the same day… Angie talks Maya into moving in with them. ((What the deuce! Shoot I need to move to Pine Valley and make good with Angie that way I can get with good ole Jesse… *Taps Hand* Bad girl! Anyway, told yall Angie was going to be mother figure this girl needs.)) Oh and Jesse is going to freak the hell out when he finds out that his baby mama is now living with them. ((Hell I’ll be freaking out too. Damn they need to set aside another padded cell for Jesse once this is all over. He’s going to lose his mind. Move over Dix.))

Wednesday~~ Jesse’s freak out goes unmissed by his wife and his son who begins to question him about it concern towards Maya. Jesse approaches Frankie about something Maya has not yet told him. ((Jesse if it’s about her already having a kid Frank knows.))

I also think Jesse discloses the information from Lucy’s test results with his son. ((*Slaps the back of Jesse’s head* You fool! What you go and do that for? You know how close Frankie and Angie are and they don’t keep a lot from each other. Oh man, oh man. Must watch!))

Angie and Mookie face off! She doesn’t like the way he’s treating Maya and dictating her every move. ((Will we finally get to see Angie use that stick for a weapon? I’ve been waiting on that since Natalia caught a attitude with her sometime back before she left for San Francisco.)) ((I don’t think Jesse’s going to be happy that his wife is facing off with bad-boys.))

Brot tells a distraught Jesse about a strange woman(Dixie) he sees in the park. Jesse doesn’t give a two-cents because on the edge of what he has found out about Lucy and Maya. ((Brot you know this man. This is all Jesse has his mind on right now..))

Week of August 1st

Jesse is confused on what to do about Maya/Lucy/Angie situation. ((Ain’t much you can do buddy. Tell the truth yourself or let it come out on it’s own))

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