Spoilers Week of August 1st

While out in the park with Lucy, Maya faces off with Mookie! ((You think he will see Lucy and know or do you think this kid is just as dumb as they come? I will go with the latter.))

Angie threatens to have Mookie taken downtown if he lays even a finger on Maya. ((She warned you boy!))

Maya, feeling more and more comfortable with Angie opens up to her about the abuse.

Tuesday ~~ August 2nd. Jesse shares with Brot his feelings about Maya and Lucy being close and wonders how he is going to separate them. ((Kind of a tough task there Jesse. The girl is living under your roof and Lucy has fallen for her and so has Angie.))

Wednesday~~ August 3rd. ((This is an oh shiiiii spoiler!)) Maya points out how much Lucy looks like the baby she gave up to… Angie! ((Oooooh crap!))

Jesse wonders if he should tell Angie the truth about Lucy not really being hers. ((It might be a little better if she hears it from him. Either way there will be consequences nobody can run from.))

David continues to put Angie off and she starts fearing that he will not restore her sight before he leaves town. ((David!))

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