Spoilers–Week Of August 8th and Info….

Tuesday August 9th ~~ After finding out that she isn’t the only patient that David is treating, Angie confronts him. ((Will she be the one to blow the top off this Orpheus case?)) ((Is that a hint of jealousy Angie? LOL! Just kidding, girl get them answers.)

Jesse and Angie continue to disagree on everything concerning David’s plan to give her her sight back.

Krystal warns David to not hurt her best gal pal, Angie. ((Betta let him know KWAK! Betta let him know!))

Also… Guess who will be returning to town on August 26th…

Shannon Kane A.K.A Natalia Fowler.

I know some can’t stand Nat and hey to each it’s on but I like her. And I love me some Brotalia! Brot ya lady coming to you boo.


Now some info I am sure you all would like to know about, if you don’t already… There is a way you can tell your faves how much you love them and thank them for gracing our screens with their amazing talent day in and day out. It is through SOC. They have promised to get these thanks you’s to your faves! If you are worried that it might be too late, don’t… Well not for our lovely pair. They are still taping scenes. Will be doing so for another two weeks, so you all still have a little time left to tell your faves what you’ve always wanted to tell them and thank them.

Link below….



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