Spoilers… A little more.

This week doesn’t look like there will be a lot of Hubbard action… But let’s cross our fingers that we will get more than just one day of Hubbard and more than one Hubbard this week.

Jesse and Ryan talk about David… AGAIN! ((What’s up with Tad and Jesse? Are they still friends? Because lately they haven’t been on the screen together much and they both have a lot of ish going on so they should be confiding in each other. Jesse about Angie and David. Tad about Dixie and David. Bam! Come together with this info and they just might be able to handle David themselves… Of course after David restores Angie’s sight. He’s gotten her hopes up about this and it’s time for her to see again… Before the show goes off the air.))

Tuesday August 16th ~~~ Jesse finds Mookie lurking around the hall of the complex, obviously stalking Maya. Jesse handles the situation. ((Can somebody say whoop-ass coming Mookie’s way?))


Found an article that was posted on the 13th and of course it’s about our people! Anyway, the article’s link is below. It’s not much, but hey it’s something and something else. September Issue of Essence Mag, I do believe I read. Any who, there’s no word on how this storyline will play out but both Williams and Morgan want nothing but happiness for Angie and Jesse. Check it out.((Misspelled Jesse’s name once or twice, but well, we can’t do nothing about that.))


And I am sure most of you have already heard that AMC will start showing new episodes on the web starting January 16th, 2012… PP(Prospect Park) are still in the midst of talking with some unions concerning the actors, but they would like for all of them to join when they do make the move. As we already know DM will not be going and it is still not concrete-concrete whether DW will be staying or leaving.


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