Spoilers! Spoilers! Spoilers! Can’t wait!

Week of 22nd

A conversation between Angie and Dixie hits close to home with Maya. 

Angie leads Maya to Thaddeus after she gives Maya some advice on the baby she gave up. *Rocking back&forth* ((Oh shiiiiiiii!!! Oh boy!! Oh man!)) ((It’s coming y’all… It’s coming!))

David doesn’t want to rush Angie into surgery, but there may not be a choice. ((What? Not that I’m complaining because this woman should have had her sight back like last week! But, I just want to know what’s the reason. If he about to get caught into some trouble, leave town, get killed? Mhmmmm!))

David admires Angie and he makes it a point to tell her so. ((I read somebody was mad about this… What? Why? It isn’t like he’s bedding her. Angie not easy you all. And it isn’t like she’s going to see anything more into that. Despite everything her love for Jesse is to damn strong to be throwing everything away to be with that devil.))

Angie questions David about Babe. ((Angie nosey… LOL! Just kidding!)

Coming soon…

Feeling the burden, Jesse comes clean about Ellie/Lucy/Maya to his pal. Tad doesn’t judge him, but he does talk to him. Give him some things to think about. ((Finally! Even though this isn’t anything to be relieved about but I’m sure he’s going to feel a little better now that he told somebody else instead of Brot.))

Jesse admits the truth to Angie. ((aaaayyyeeee! *Bites Nails*))

Week of the 29th.

Angie is rocked to the very core when the truth comes to the light! ((OHHHHHHHHH shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!! It’s coming y’all. The ish is about to hit the fan and I bet my last dollar it isn’t gonna smell good. Stay tuned!))

Angie contemplates about why Jesse did what he did.


There is no say on how exactly Angie will find out, but it won’t be easy. AND! LB has said it herself that Angie is the strongest woman in PV. And Jangie has THE STRONGEST marriage on AMC. SAY WHAT!!!

I don’t think y’all heard me, so I’ll repeat myself.

Angela and Jesse Hubbard has the strongest marriage on AMC! Hey, Darnell/Jesse said it best. “The only folks that stay married in Pine Valley are the black folks.” They eat all the food, they pray together and they stay together. Talk about it baby!

Okay yall… It’s time to get those tissues because I have a feeling this is going to be a tear-jerker. I can’t wait! *Squeals*


3 responses to “Spoilers! Spoilers! Spoilers! Can’t wait!

  1. Girl I can’t wait i have my dvr set and ready to record I feel so bad for angie she don’t deserve this after all she went through just to have her baby but I am really hoping that the producers and writers saw mere’s s/l idea about baby Ellis and and and jesse end up with both babies I wonder if they or at least angie is going to tell Maya that Lucy is her baby or is it going to be angie and Jesse’s lol secret hmmm

  2. Sorry for the lil mishap like I said in my post I hope the producers and writers saw mere’s s/l idea about baby ellie and that anj ends up with both babies I wonder if they or atleast angie is going to tell that Lucy is her baby or will it be anj’s lil secret hmmm

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