Diva Debbi and Y&R.

A poll in SOD asked, once AMC was off the air which star are fans likelier to follow? Debbi Morgan to Y&R or Jacob Young to B&B?

Well here are the results…

29% of the fans will follow Jacob Young.

71% of the fans will happily trail Debbi Morgan.

Well now! Y&R please take note of this.

Speaking of Debbi and Y&R…

Debbi Morgan’s first airdate for The Young and The Restless is on Friday October 7th… Just a mere two weeks after All My Children’s finale episode airs.

There is still no word on her character, her storyline or how she will be introduced but she will start shooting her scenes on September 1st. Say what!?! Y&R ain’t playing around are they? LOL! I’m kidding! Do your thing Y&R, just don’t screw her over. Diva D, your fans will be awaiting your debut.

People, wouldn’t it be funny if Y&R bought the rights to Angie and that’s why they are holding out on the goods… If only these two soaps could work together with this storyline. Talk about it! Anyway, I doubt that’s what happened, but it would definitely be something.

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