Monday August 29th ~~ Maya confides in Angie.

Angie shares with Maya how she gave up her own baby back in the day and how Jesse forgave her and helped her find their son. ((Finally! I thought they had forgotten about that.))

Jesse comes to Angie and says those four little nearly heart stopping words. “We need to talk.”

Tuesday August 30th ~~~ Jesse confesses everything to Angie! ((This is going to be so sad, but so good at the same time.))

Wednesday August 31st ~~ Angie’s reeling from Jesse’s shocking confession, but she wants to know every waking detail about their baby girl.

Thursday September 1st ~~~ Jesse tells Brot he doesn’t want him losing his job nor his woman just because of what he has done. Which is why he didn’t reveal his part to Angie about his involvement during the switch.

Friday September 2nd ~~~ Angie learns what else Jesse has done. She goes to him and asks why the hell he cancelled her surgery without her knowing! ((She’s about to tear him a new one… Again!))

One response to “Spoilers…

  1. Omg…this is going to be a great week for the Hubbards as far as acting goes this is going to be amazing, sad, touching, honest, overwhelming, I hope they are giving proper air time, looking forward to the truth finally coming out!

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