Special Posting~ Eppy 8-30-2011

People… People… People!

I know just about everybody is saying the same thing, but I don’t care… I gotta say it again. Debbi Morgan did that! Darnell Williams did that! Those scenes were just so damn heartbreaking. Kudos, Brava, Perfecto D&D!

I’m already soft hearted so it really doesn’t take much to make me cry, when it comes to certain things, so you all can just imagine what these scenes did to me. No, don’t try to I’m going to paint a picture for you. Picture a girl, curled up on a couch with a box of tissue cradled into her chest, crying like a big ass baby. There you go! That’s me! I was a hot, blubbering mess and then some. My momma walked in shaking her head at me. Look, momma you just don’t understand!

Okay… So we have Jesse finally letting go of that lie that has been eating him alive for months. He broke my heart the day Ellie was brought into the world and from then on it has been a constant thing.

Now… We have Angie who is finding out the truth about her baby girl. She’s not wanting to believe what Jesse is saying. She wants him to stop all the lies. Then when he finally get through to her she breaks. Literally breaks! She’s grabbing her hair in despair. Then she starts swinging those fist. If you all remember that was the very same thing she did when Jesse killed Les. She let loose. She let him have it! Today she let loose and damnit, I felt Jesse’s pain. But I felt hers to. I would have been throwing them as well.

And if that wasn’t heartbreaking enough they visit the grave. She kneels but jumps back. She just can’t wrap her mind around it and then she finally goes back. She’s clawing and begging for someone to bring her baby baby, give her-her baby. And if that didn’t pull at the heart strings, when she started saying how she never got to hold her, kiss her, say goodbye… (I’m tearing up just talking about it.) Angie broke down again and laid on the ground crying her heart and soul out.

Debbi and Darnell stole the whole show! Point blank. I mean of course you got all these other people doing their thing, but you could careless about that. They are like whatever. Bring Angie and Jesse back on.

Emmy, NAACP, Gracie Allen and whatever other awards out there for this genre should automatically be handed over to these two powerhouse actors. They brought it, they kept it, they killed it! And you know what else? It’s only Tuesday! Tuesday! Wednesday there’s more. I mean come on after that you would think what else… Can it get any better than that? To that I say hell yea, look who we’re talking about here.

Like I said on my twitter… Cut, print, that’s a damn wrap! Nobody and I do mean nobody can outdo those scenes. I don’t care how many soap babies the soap gods kill, nobody will be able to deliver the scenes the way Debbi and Darnell did. Those scenes were ones to go down in history as unbeatable. The pile that’s labeled. ‘you’ll turn into a pillar of salt it you even attempt to go there’. So serious!

I’m going to list a couple of scenes that can’t be out done because the Dynamic Duo has claimed them. They have branded their names into these.

Jesse’s death. (Can’t touch that! *Shakes Head* No ma’am! No sir!)

Angie and Jesse’s reunion. (That was the very last good reunion in daytime TV. I don’t care how many dead people they bring back no couple can out do that.)

Angie and Jesse’s wedding. (Maaaaan, get on somewhere with that mess. No wedding will be like that. Nobody’s vows will be as true and as heartwarming as those.) There has been some before that but that was the last good one! Saved the best for last.

Ellie’s birth/death. Jesse telling the truth. (Shoot yourself! That’s just… Don’t even much try.)

((If you all would like to share your thoughts feel free.))

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