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My Angie and Jesse stories and if there are any readers of RNT visiting, all three will be updated really soon. I can’t go half stepping with y’all. Can’t just throw alot of stuff together and be like bam there you go. ((I really can’t stand that.)) I feel if I can’t bring it good, then I can’t bring it at all. Just had to let you know… So you all be on the look out!

Spoilers! Spoilers! Spoilers! Can’t wait!

Week of 22nd

A conversation between Angie and Dixie hits close to home with Maya. 

Angie leads Maya to Thaddeus after she gives Maya some advice on the baby she gave up. *Rocking back&forth* ((Oh shiiiiiiii!!! Oh boy!! Oh man!)) ((It’s coming y’all… It’s coming!))

David doesn’t want to rush Angie into surgery, but there may not be a choice. ((What? Not that I’m complaining because this woman should have had her sight back like last week! But, I just want to know what’s the reason. If he about to get caught into some trouble, leave town, get killed? Mhmmmm!))

David admires Angie and he makes it a point to tell her so. ((I read somebody was mad about this… What? Why? It isn’t like he’s bedding her. Angie not easy you all. And it isn’t like she’s going to see anything more into that. Despite everything her love for Jesse is to damn strong to be throwing everything away to be with that devil.))

Angie questions David about Babe. ((Angie nosey… LOL! Just kidding!)

Coming soon…

Feeling the burden, Jesse comes clean about Ellie/Lucy/Maya to his pal. Tad doesn’t judge him, but he does talk to him. Give him some things to think about. ((Finally! Even though this isn’t anything to be relieved about but I’m sure he’s going to feel a little better now that he told somebody else instead of Brot.))

Jesse admits the truth to Angie. ((aaaayyyeeee! *Bites Nails*))

Week of the 29th.

Angie is rocked to the very core when the truth comes to the light! ((OHHHHHHHHH shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!! It’s coming y’all. The ish is about to hit the fan and I bet my last dollar it isn’t gonna smell good. Stay tuned!))

Angie contemplates about why Jesse did what he did.


There is no say on how exactly Angie will find out, but it won’t be easy. AND! LB has said it herself that Angie is the strongest woman in PV. And Jangie has THE STRONGEST marriage on AMC. SAY WHAT!!!

I don’t think y’all heard me, so I’ll repeat myself.

Angela and Jesse Hubbard has the strongest marriage on AMC! Hey, Darnell/Jesse said it best. “The only folks that stay married in Pine Valley are the black folks.” They eat all the food, they pray together and they stay together. Talk about it baby!

Okay yall… It’s time to get those tissues because I have a feeling this is going to be a tear-jerker. I can’t wait! *Squeals*

Spoilers… A little more.

This week doesn’t look like there will be a lot of Hubbard action… But let’s cross our fingers that we will get more than just one day of Hubbard and more than one Hubbard this week.

Jesse and Ryan talk about David… AGAIN! ((What’s up with Tad and Jesse? Are they still friends? Because lately they haven’t been on the screen together much and they both have a lot of ish going on so they should be confiding in each other. Jesse about Angie and David. Tad about Dixie and David. Bam! Come together with this info and they just might be able to handle David themselves… Of course after David restores Angie’s sight. He’s gotten her hopes up about this and it’s time for her to see again… Before the show goes off the air.))

Tuesday August 16th ~~~ Jesse finds Mookie lurking around the hall of the complex, obviously stalking Maya. Jesse handles the situation. ((Can somebody say whoop-ass coming Mookie’s way?))


Found an article that was posted on the 13th and of course it’s about our people! Anyway, the article’s link is below. It’s not much, but hey it’s something and something else. September Issue of Essence Mag, I do believe I read. Any who, there’s no word on how this storyline will play out but both Williams and Morgan want nothing but happiness for Angie and Jesse. Check it out.((Misspelled Jesse’s name once or twice, but well, we can’t do nothing about that.))

And I am sure most of you have already heard that AMC will start showing new episodes on the web starting January 16th, 2012… PP(Prospect Park) are still in the midst of talking with some unions concerning the actors, but they would like for all of them to join when they do make the move. As we already know DM will not be going and it is still not concrete-concrete whether DW will be staying or leaving.

Spoilers–Week Of August 8th and Info….

Tuesday August 9th ~~ After finding out that she isn’t the only patient that David is treating, Angie confronts him. ((Will she be the one to blow the top off this Orpheus case?)) ((Is that a hint of jealousy Angie? LOL! Just kidding, girl get them answers.)

Jesse and Angie continue to disagree on everything concerning David’s plan to give her her sight back.

Krystal warns David to not hurt her best gal pal, Angie. ((Betta let him know KWAK! Betta let him know!))

Also… Guess who will be returning to town on August 26th…

Shannon Kane A.K.A Natalia Fowler.

I know some can’t stand Nat and hey to each it’s on but I like her. And I love me some Brotalia! Brot ya lady coming to you boo.


Now some info I am sure you all would like to know about, if you don’t already… There is a way you can tell your faves how much you love them and thank them for gracing our screens with their amazing talent day in and day out. It is through SOC. They have promised to get these thanks you’s to your faves! If you are worried that it might be too late, don’t… Well not for our lovely pair. They are still taping scenes. Will be doing so for another two weeks, so you all still have a little time left to tell your faves what you’ve always wanted to tell them and thank them.

Link below….

Debbi’s Y&R Character Spec….

So there is still no definite word on the kind of character Debbi will play, but speculation’s have begun to arise. Especially now that the hatchet about her being a Drucilla recast has been buried. And then there is this storyline that is currently happening on Y&R. Some are wondering… Will she play a recast or will she play a new character?

Head writer – Maria Arena Bell says it’s going to be big. (The storyline) Being a big fan of All My Children back in the 80’s, she was happy to know they were getting Debbi. The only thing people know is that she will be involved in story with Jeanne Cooper (Katherine Chancellor) and many others. And Debbi’s character had a touched past and has had to reinvent herself.

The currently storyline I was speaking of… It involves a man named Tucker, who just so happens to be Katherine’s son, is trying to find his own long lost son. Now I am not sure if they are going to make one of the characters on Y&R his son, because I have yet to see delve more into the Y&R spoilers. Anyway, some say that if Devon Winters winds up being Tuck’s son, then Debbi will play Yolanda Hamilton. The mother of Devon.

Yolanda was strung out on drugs who abandoned Devon (Bryton James) and then later his sister Ana (Jamia Siomone Nash). Yolanda was originally played by Chene Lawson. This story took place on the show in 2005-2006.

Some believe she will be a recast for this character because it just seems to make sense. Others say she will be Sofia’s mother. (Bleh!) I know for a fact that Sofia is pregnant and doesn’t know who the father is, Neil or his brother Malcolm.

So this is what other’s believe, but me myself… I can’t chose as to what I believe. A Yolanda Hamilton recast, because it would be so different to see Debbi in this form. An ex drug addict whose trying to get her life back on track and trying to get back close with her son. They could throw some flashbacks in there from when she was getting herself straight. (Emmy Nom already!) Sometime later we can see her trying to get rid of the feelings that has returned to the surface upon having many conversations with Tucker.

And then there is the new character route. (Just using the name for an example —Evelyn.) Okay, if they decide to bring Drucilla back, Evelyn could be a relative of hers. (A sister Dru never knew she had or a cousin.) Anyway, her character has traveled to Genoa City to find her and soon discovers that her sister is dead. She learns of her death and is heartbroken because Dru is, was the only family she has now. She just lost her father and her brother to a drunk driver. (That’s deep huh? LOL!)


(Using the name again) Evelyn could travel from Europe or somewhere in the South of the US to Genoa City. After having the courage to leave an abusive relationship, she has reinvented herself and is need of a new start. New scenery. We could see this character getting off a Greyhound(She can’t instantly be rich!) And she’s shy towards everybody. Keeps to herself. Soon she goes on a job search and she goes to Katherine (Co-Owner of Chancellor Int…I think. Like I said I’m still playing catch-up)… Just so happen just as she arrives for an interview, Katherine and Neil (Kristoff St. John a.k.a Generation’s – Adam Marshall) or Katherine and Jack (Peter Bergman a.k.a AMC’s – Cliff Warner) could just have wrapped a meeting or something. One of these men could introduce themselves, she’s polite, but that’s just about it.

After getting the job and for sometime working she is once again approached by Neil or Jack. Because of what she’s been through the last thing she wants is a man. She loves her independency! She’s a little cold towards them for sometime and then one of them finally get’s through to her, during a lunch outing.

This is just one of the many they can have her do. But like I said I am leaning towards the recast and the new character that does not involve her being Sofia’s mother. ((Just saying.)) But if they do make her Sofia’s mother I will still watch…

What do you think?


New character?

It doesn’t matter as long as they give her something damn good and don’t play around.


Remember you all these are just thoughts of others and even myself. Speculation!