Spoilers and….

Monday being that it is Labor Day, ABC will be airing a rerun. August 5th, 2011. Erica shows up on Kendall’s doorstep with Janet, Marian and Dixie. So on and so forth.

So far…Tuesday – Friday.

Angie’s surgery is completed. ((Now can we kill the rumors that Angie’s going to die during the surgery? Why are people so quick to kill off folks? Geez man, have a little bit of faith in these writers. Just because Debbi is leaving it doesn’t mean she’s leaving forever. Stop jumping the gun!))

Angie waits on her results. Did the cell implant take? Did it not?


Jesse wants Ryan to drop his vendetta against David.

Week of Sept. 11th

Maya makes a decision.

Coming Soon

Angie and Jesse work on rebuilding their lives.

All the major players end up in David’s lab where someone gets shot and someone confesses. ((Not sure if our couple is one of the major players, but posting here just in cases. And I’m guessing this the big ending.))


I was just presented with a question about AMC and taping… The last taping of All My Children was August 31st… Damn! Right? Can’t believe how time is passing so quickly.


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