What’s up! What’s up! What’s up! (Martin Impression)

So we have a few tributes happening and even more coming up. First!

People Magazine has an issue dedicated totally to All My Children. It’s a collectors edition so you all be sure to go pick up one or two or three. There are behind the scene photos, other pictures none of us has seen, interviews, so on and so forth. There are two different ones. The paperback cover hits the stores on September 9th. The hardcover edition comes out at the end of the month.

Paperback: $11.99 (This price may vary in different stores.)

Hardcover: $19.95 or if you preorder through the link below you can get it for $13.

Would it make me a nut… Well even nuttier than I am to purchase both of these? I bet it would in some folks eyes, but who gives a rat’s behind! I’ve been an AMC fan since I was little and it has been in my family before then. So I think I would be a nut if I didn’t! If I am able I will get my hind parts out there and get the paperback! Or better yet send somebody to get it for me. Haha! Will let ya know if I do.


Secondly, there will be a All My Children Tribute this Sunday the 11th on TV Guide. The stars of AMC will interview with Cameron Mathison. Debbi Morgan is among the many that will be on. You all be sure to check that out at 8pm! Your time, my time… Whatever time zone you are in. LOL!


Soap Net will be celebrating All My Children as well with eppy’s of your favorite couples. The two day marathon will start on Saturday, September 17th with a five hour marathon of “I Love Lucci” episodes. Then on Sunday the 18th there will be “Last Chance at Romance” 7 hour marathon staring Cliff & Nina, Jenny & Greg, Tad & Dixie, Ryan &Gillian, Leo & Greenlee, Zach & Kendall and Angie & Jesse. But uh yea… I love the Lucci so I will be watching that and I definitely will be watching for Cliff&Nina, Jenny&Greg and Angie&Jesse.

Anyway, here’s the info for the episodes of the couples…

5PM – Cliff and Nina are married in a fairy tale wedding. Plus, pregnant with Cliff’s baby, Sybil is not happy about his marriage to Nina, and Tom and Erica fight when she has to attend a business dinner on their anniversary. (Original Air Date 9/3/80)

6PM – Jenny and Greg are married in front of family and friends, Palmer discovers the truth of why the Chandlers have come to Pine Valley, and Adam sets his sights on Erica. (Original Air Date 2/14/84)

7PM – Tad and Dixie are joyfully reunited when Tad finally convinces Dixie he’s alive and on the other side of the door, Hayley and Charlie find Brian and Junior on the run, and Opal and Palmer are reunited with Junior. (Original Air Date 3/4/93)

8PM – Ryan and Gillian share a romantic wedding filled with surprises, Leo and Greenlee have a last minute change in plans when he remembers he has the wedding rings, and while on the witness stand, David admits his guilt about the drugs to Dixie. (Original Air Date 4/9/01)

9PM – Leo and Greenlee are married in an intimate wedding in the boathouse, Anna and David debate whether to tell Greenlee that her father’s been shot, and Tad and Brooke try to find Maria. (Original Air Date 7/15/02)

10PM – Romance is in the air as Zach and Kendall prepare to divorce in the Caribbean. Plus, JR tries to warn Jamie about Amanda, and Babe visits Josh at work and Erica kicks her out of her studio. (Original Air Date 12/15/05)

11PM – A stunned Angie and Jesse share an emotional reunion at the train station, Erica is arrested at the fashion show she’s hosting, and Greenlee tells Aidan that Kendall may be pregnant. (Original Air Date 2/18/08) ((I wonder why this episode is last, but then again I’m going to say they are saving the absolute best for last!))


The View will be doing a tribute to AMC as well and it just happens to be on the same day AMC shows their finale episode. Oh man, I can’t believe it’s right around the corner!


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