Debbi says Goodbye…And….

You all go out, if you haven’t already, and grab your copy of Soap Opera Digest (September 20th Issue)… In this issue Diva D speaks on AMC and how she’s outraged by the way the fans were treated. And she also says goodbye to the fans. Very nice!

Go get it! Go get it!

Speaking of Magazines : Did I pick up my copy of the People’s collectors book? Let me tell you I went to four stores! And they didn’t have them. Either they sold out(I think was a big ass lie) or and this is what I believe happened they didn’t get the memo to put them out last night or today. Or, they behinds were just to lazy to do so. Either way four stores are on my ish list! Going to try again tomorrow.

Debbi’s Y&R Character

They have finally let the cat out of the bag! If you guessed that Debbi will be playing Yolanda, you guessed right! *Sending Virtual High-Fives* LOL! (Lame right?! LMBO!)

Any way’s…

Debbi Morgan has been re-casted as Devon’s drunken mother Yolanda Hamilton. I mentioned Yolanda not too long ago and that Debbi might play her.

Anyway, this will be a big difference from Angela Hubbard. Sweet(right!), independent, motivated, brave daughter of Pine Valley. But I can tell you this much… I know she’s going to kill it and I can’t wait to see it!

You all remember that one time we got to witness drunk Angie?! OMG! I loved drunk Angie. She didn’t hold anything back and I loved it. Also remember when she played on Soul Food as Lem’s twisted, crack head of a mother Lynette Van Adams. Yikes!

She definitely has this in the bag. You know not many people can act drunk. They either don’t act drunk enough or their just way to over the top. I will not name names, but sometime back one PV man got drunk and… Yea… Waayyy over the top. Once again I will not name names. LOL! Anyway, Deb had it just right the times we have seen her in those particular shoes. 

Eee! I can’t wait to see this! Remember, Friday October 7th, 2011 is her first airdate.



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