Just posting because….

Greetings my fellow AnJ fans!

That seemed fake didn’t it? LMBO! Okay let get real here.

What’s up my fellow AnJ, DnD Fans!!!! How y’all hanging? ((There we go. LOL!))

Anyway, just passing through to check in, give you all a update of one of the stories as well as a little something from Debbi Morgan. (Just in case you have not already read) And at the very end a little gift.

First bit of news… School starts for me tomorrow (Monday). I will continue on with this blog heck maybe once I get settled in and find my routine I may just open an actually site. Been thinking about it for a while, but I’m really leaning towards it more now. If I do open an actual site I will be able to post a lot of my already finished AnJ stories. We’ll see though. I’ll let you know when it comes to that. Wait! And it will be free!! Told you all once before I do this because I love my couple, I love the portrayers and I love to write for them. I love to share the little talent I do have with you all. So yes, everything will be free.

Second bit of news… There are no spoilers! AMC is keeping very tight lipped about the ending and you know what I think it’s a good idea. Leave us surprised and waiting on the edge of our seats… Or if you are like me sitting in the middle of the floor with that “O” look. LOL!

Third… The poll I posted the last week is closed and though I should have known better I am excited to see these results. 93% of you said you would support the Diva! Yayy! and… 7% of you said you would only watch once you heard from someone else that you should. Everybody’s entitled to their own opinions and besides it was only 7%! Soooo yep… True Debbi fans get ready because I just know it’s going to be good!

Next… Don’t leave just yet because I will be updating one of my stories! I do believe you all are going to like what I have in store! You will never see it coming, *Sing-song Voice*

And last but certainly not least… Two bits of Diva Debbi. I’m sure by now you all are following her on twitter. If not please do, @DebbiMorgan. Anyway sometime ago she tweeted about presenting at the Hoodie Awards and the video was posted on YouTube. I love me some Steve Harvey because he keeps it real and in this video when he’s joking with her after a moment he was real. Funny and real. LOL

And… This was a in the NY Post as well as one of the soap magazines, for the life of me I can’t remember which. But in it the AMC stars speaking on memories. Here is what the most fondest memory of Diva Deb. (I didn’t see anything from Daddy Darnell.)

Her first day: “Back in the day, we’d have a rehearsal with cameras, go to lunch, and have a complete dress rehearsal and then tape the show. If you were in the prologue and not in again until Act Six, you could be at the studio until 7 or 8 o’clock at night. My first day was like that. I got something to eat, laid down and fell asleep. It was during the winter, but the heat was on and I had on this flimsy undershirt with no bra under it, and a big sweatshirt. I pulled the sweatshirt off. Next thing I know, they call my name to get on set. I jumped up. I ran on set, [breasts] bouncing. Everybody was laughing so hard and I looked down. I was mortified, absolutely mortified.”
((Yikes! Yikes! Yikes! Yikes!!! Did anybody else cringe like oh snap tell me you didn’t, tell me that didn’t happen? I know I did. And they were just laughing, how rude!))

The gift!


 This is one of the pictures from the People’s Magazine AMC Tribute issue. I love it!!!


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