See You Later AMC…

All My Children’s Opening 1970-2011

“One day our family and friends will be gone for good, what if that day were today?” Angie/Debbi

Today is the worst and saddest day for all AMC Fans. You would think the day they announced the show was being taken off air would have been the worst, but sadly it was not even close. At least not to me. You hear the news and you read about it for months on end, but it doesn’t hit until the last week or the very last day. I’m one of the ones that just didn’t put a lot of real thought into that news until just last night. I mean I posted info about it and I even talked about Deb’s new character and the possible chance that Darnell would not be heading to AMC 2.0 but in reality it hadn’t hit me until last night.

Last night I finally sat down and watched Monday’s episode and during the special montage I was hit with some real emotions. I was over here doing my ugly cry again and though I eventually got around to watching the others, I like really had to give myself sometime before doing so. It was just that bad over here. And once again I was stared at like I lost my mind. But what else is new!

So… The View saluted to All My Children today and once again I cried my eyes out. I knew that in another hour or two that the AMC episode that would come on would be the end. The end of an era! I was ecstatic to see Jenny and Greg, but even more so happy to see Angie&Jesse and Jenny and Greg reunite! So lovely! Seeing the four of them back together again just brought back so many memories of sitting in my aunts living room and watching old tapes of AMC. When they showed the prom I cried and laughed. Cried because it was my couple and laughed because if Angie didn’t look like somebody’s grandmother in that dress I don’t know what did! LMBO! I wonder how often she looks back and say ‘WTH were AMC costume department thinking putting me in that damn thing’. It was funny. And the dancing. Oh man, oh man! Great to see them again though and to hear about them getting into trouble.

Debbi was rocking that dress honey! And I loved her heels! Rebecca’s and Alicia’s too. Loved Darnell’s suspenders. Hehe! I just love everything about that milk dude head man.

It was so good to see everybody, but mostly it was good to see the amazing Ms. Agnes Nixon. And to hear her speak about wondering if they would even make it past 26weeks I was like damn… 26weeks compared to 41 years. Hearing that and even though witnessing some of the latest stories it just so hard to believe that they weren’t receiving good enough ratings. I mean come on! Even the people who always said they weren’t going to watch again, did the exact opposite. They say this and say that yet they can’t get enough. (I like to call these people some-timing idiots.)

Anyway, back to the important stuff…  Agnes Nixon birthed this show and to have it go the way it did, to have it go period I know was something that was really hard for her. Just like this was really hard for fans who have been with her and this soap for that long. When she broke down on The View my heart broke and I was so mad with ABC and Frons for doing that to her, to the cast and the crew that I wanted to spit. I wanted to kick someone’s ass! Like Debbi said in an interview, I am outraged at the way things happened.

Right stuff like this happens all the time, but when you have a soap that has been in households for years and say people just aren’t watching, people don’t care about it anymore when it’s clearly the other way around it really pisses me off! I really hope the people that made this horrible decision get’s a nice sized bite in the ass from that bi-atch called Karma because oh baby she’s coming!

Earlier on twitter somebody said that for the next hour Frons could kiss their Brown Sugar Ass… LMBO! I say Frons can kiss my Brown Sugar ass, big toe, pinky toe, all my toes. Kiss the bottom of my 4” black pumps!

I can hear somebody saying right now: “Really? Well how about you tell me how you really feel.”

Yea it’s harsh, but damnit I am an outraged, heartbroken fan.

I’m 21, but I do know all about AMC’s history. You can ask me anything about AMC and I will answer it for you. Ask me a question about Angie and Jesse and I can answer it before you even can finish the question good. That’s how much of a fan I am. Some people say they are die hard fans, but don’t even know the day Angie and Jesse got married for the very first time. Don’t even know how many times Angie remarried. Anyway, my aunts and grandmother were such huge fans of AMC that they recorded a lot of their episodes to tape. When I was around 5 or 6 I started watching but I didn’t know WTH it was. Was just watching because they were watching and said “You gotta hush, my stories on.” Rude! But I now understand it! When I got a little older and started really paying attention I was introduced to Angie and Jesse and from then on I was in love with this couple. The minute I saw them on screen together I just knew this was the couple to root for. This was my couple! From that moment on I have been a diehard Angie and Jesse fan! Hell when they reunited I left school early everyday that week just to watch live. Assistant principal found out and got on my tail but uh yea, she can kiss my big toe too. *Shrug*

I was like Luther Vandross. He didn’t want anybody to bother him during his stories which if you did not know was All My Children. That was me. At 11:58am no visitors, all calls and texts cease. Unless it was a dire emergency. And nobody was to call me until 12:58.

This was the way it was majority of the time because I made it a point to schedule stuff around noon. That was my time and I didn’t want to bothered. And it was like this even when I knew Angie and Jesse weren’t going to be on. True AMC fan! Diehard AnJ Fan! Talk about it boo! LOL.

Anyway I wanted to talk a little about Monday’s episode. Though I hate that this story was rushed, I really-really loved that episode. I even liked Randi and if you know me well you know how much I can’t stand that thang! (Thing. Chick. Woman. Yea I know.) But yea even she didn’t get on my nerves that day.

I do have one complaint though… Where was Cassandra? Why wasn’t she mentioned this time? I mean a call to her about her mother’s sight returning or even a mention that Angie did call her would have sufficed.

But other than that I really liked it. Thought Angie should have been a little more on edge toward Jesse, like have her working on trusting him again, but I will make due because there wasn’t enough time and because… It was AnJ. LOL!

Angie and Jesse are a bunch of freaks! They were about to put in work on that couch, but then *knock-knock* a damn interruptions. I know it was Maya and I’m glad the girl came to her senses, but damn she couldn’t have picked the worst time to stop by. Loved Angie and Lucy! Loved Angie, Lucy, Maya and Jesse.

I really loved Liza and I have to really give her props because she helped Maya make up her mind. When she told that girl she had a curfew and she needed to know all about her whereabouts I was like “Liza, WTF?” I was about to get her, but then it turned out she was only doing the one thing that had to be done. The one thing to help not only Maya and Lucy, but Angie and Jesse as well because she knew more than ever it was what they all needed. So kudos to Liza Colby!

The toast… When Debbi started getting emotional. (That was not Angie, that was all Debbi) My ugly cry got even uglier. Yea like that was what I needed at that moment Diva D, LOL! The montage it was sooooooo beautiful! The picture, I loved it! Again I loved it all. Brava to the crew that put that together and brava and kisses to the actors and actresses who did an amazing job.

Did I mention that I really love David and Angie? I mean come on they have such amazing chemistry it’s hard not to love them. They started out as enemies and ended up as friends. True friends! That just goes to show some folks that a man and a woman with this kind of intense connection can just be friends and not have to sleep with each other! There is hope in the world after all!

The finale… Loved the voiceover by Angie but because of the things that were said and the things that have happened it has me a little scared. I’ll get to that though… Anyway, the ladies of PV looked absolutely beautiful! Even Opal with her wacky fashion. But the best dressed out of all of them. Angie, Amanda and Dixie. By far! The men of PV… *Drool* I can’t say who was the best dressed because they all looked so damn delicious!

Gonna take my momma’s words and say. “But Jesse can eat crackers in my bed anytime!” Baaaaby! I would… hmph! *Closes mouth* Being fast over here. Let me stop. LOL!

But you all get the point. They all looked good!

I loved how everybody were over the moon about Angie’s news. You know sometimes people forget that things actually happened. They acknowledged it and I’m glad of that.

Randi might be pregnant… Eh. (I said I liked Randi, I didn’t say I love her nor was I a fan. Nowhere near!) So yea her being pregnant does not excite me at all. Where the hell is William? On AMC 2.0 they should bring that kid into the picture.

Okay, loved Tad’s speech and I loved the shout out he gave to Angie and Jesse. *Tears* It was so cute!

All in all I loved the finale episode and I really loved the end! It was like OMG! Some people say it wasn’t enough. Ugh, can’t please nobody! But I loved it. First cliffhanger: David has somebody else! Who? No one knows. Second cliffhanger: JR fires a gun! Who was shot? No one knows! The way the camera panned around the room no one could tell. But darn it if I wasn’t in holy, cliffhanger heaven. Baby, sitting on the floor clutching my pillow and hanging onto every little damn detail!

I could be wrong but being that Debbi is going to Y&R, I do feel she was shot. And if she was I hope they don’t kill her!

Guys, DM signed a 2-year contract with Y&R. She could very well come back to AMC so yea I’m hoping she’s not getting killed off. Look I already have a way to write her out but at the same time keep her in. Keep it open for her to return. Ms. Nixon, please give me a call or shoot me an email I will be more than happy to share it with you. Please oh please do it!!!

Anyway I just hade to share this with you all and I also have to say thank you…

Ms. Agnes Nixon, the all star cast, the amazing crew, you all have come into our homes and entertained us on a daily basis! You have given us 41 glorious years of amazing and unforgettable memories, good and bad. You all rock and from the bottom of my heart, I thank you. Thank you all!

I’m missing you all already! Once again thank you and I love you. And even if Jesse doesn’t appear online I will more than likely watch. I don’t think I can not watch after being with you all for so many years.

I will not say Goodbye or so long.  Nope! I hate goodbyes and so long seems finale and AMC is going to return! Instead I’m going to say… See You All Later. See you in 2012!

The Great and The Least

The Rich and The Poor

The Weak and The Strong

In Sickness and Health

In Joy and Sorrow

In Tragedy and Triumph





2 responses to “See You Later AMC…

  1. I am like you I am 20 and began watching with my cousin and aunt they also used to record the shows and I instantly fell in love the Jesse and Angie I watched the final today and at the end all I was thinking when the gunshot went off was please don’t let it be Angie or Jesse over and over again Debbi can comeback and be a part of PV when she is done with the young & the restless and Darnell can continue as well I feel that they should have the hubbards move out of pv temporarily and when and if debbi decides to continue playing the worlds beloved Angie they can make there way back. I remember an interview recently that Debbi did stating that Agnes asked her how long she was signed with Y&R Debbi told her 2 yrs and Agnes stated she had so much she wanted her to do and Agnes was actually working on story lines for when Debbi returned to PV. On Debbi site also she mentions that she signed with Y&R before the announcement of Prospect Park buying AMC she really was not informed. I must admit im not convinced that ratings were low. I am almost certain that the head writer some guy last year played part in the show being cancelled. He was the reason for a lot of firings and that never ending two week dance marathon.

  2. Ok first of all I am going to answer your question about who else David is hiding with a question. Was it just me or did ellie’s grave look like it was fresh like she was a fresh grave the dirt and soil was to loose to be a grave done six months ago so my guess is that he has ellie. I can’t comment on the last week of amc cuz I can’t bring myself to watch it as of yet I still can’t believe that amc is off the air.

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