Yolanda or….

Okay you all… I am not so sure Debbi is going to be playing Yolanda. Y&R playing with people! LOL!

Anyway, there was a picture of Debbi Morgan and Bryton James (Devon) in two mags. In one them they said they didn’t know who she was playing. But in the other, SOD, they said and the exact words were…

“Welcome Angie… Er Harmony. Debbi Morgan was all smiles with her new co-star Bryton James as she reported to work at Y&R.”

Okay… So one mag slipped or what?

A while ago Diva D said that the character she was playing has never been seen before. Yolanda has been seen before. She was on during 2005-2006. The person who has never been seen is this Harmony woman. But then again maybe Harmony is just a random throughout or it could just be just what we think. Her actual character.

So I ask…

Who do you think Debbi Morgan is playing?



It doesn’t matter I’m “Ready!” (If you seen the video you all know what I’m talking about)

I have been saying she was going to play Yolanda, but I think I’m going to take that back and say…. It doesn’t matter anymore. I’m just ready for it to be October 7th already. *SpongeBob voice* I’m ready, I’m ready, I’m ready! LOL!


One response to “Yolanda or….

  1. Unless Yolanda is Harmony on a few spoilers for the week of Oct. 7 they say a mysterious woman shows up and has to reinvent herself to hide her troubled past before coming face to face with Devon during the same week Devon and Tucker find out the truth about being father and son. When she hooked up with Tucker back in the day she went by the name Candy Cane . Y&R might just try in twist things up trying to keep viewers baffled. But either way I am excited can’t wait for Diva D to come to Genoa City.

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