Darnell’s Coming Back!

By now you all know… That Darnell Williams a.k.a Pappa Bear Hubbard has signed on the dotted line! *Cue the New Orleans Music* I’m second line dancing happy y’all!

I said awhile ago I would still watch AMC even if DnD didn’t return, but hearing this makes the wait all the more exciting. I am uber excited, ready, on edge for AMC 2.0 to come. Y’all just don’t know!

Now… My only concern with him returning is them screwing him up. You all know they screwed him up something crazy during the tornado. I mean seriously, that was just horrible and if I can be a little frank with you all, it didn’t look like Darnell was that into the storyline anyway. I don’t know, it was just something about the way he delivered his lines or the emotions he used… or more like didn’t use. But yea I think he was just ‘WTF is Pratt doing to this man.’  Yea… Just like he wasn’t into it, neither was I. I like Natalia, but I know that story could have been done another way. A better way. I mean everybody who really knows Jesse Hubbard knows he would never hide anything like that from Angie. And don’t get me started on Angie letting that tramp Rebecca come stay in her home. Whooo I wanted to slap Dr. Hubbard for that one. No… Scratch that I wanted to slap, stomp and punch Pratt for making her do that. Ain’t no black woman… No, no woman period would invite their husband’s baby mama live in their home. That’s just asinine and asking for trouble.

But yea. Pratt was and still is an ass. Anyway…

I also worry about our girl Angie… I had a feeling during the final episode that she was going to be hurt. If not shot, probably knocked over by people trying to stumble out of the mansion. Anyway, I do believe this is going to be the outcome. And I don’t have a problem with this ONLY if they don’t kill her off. Please don’t turn my girl into the dead and come back again queen, that is unacceptable. I’m telling you there are ways to keep her on but at the same time write her off and keep the Hubbard family in Pine Valley. ((Crazy I know, but I have been thinking of that storyline for the longest time.))

This is good news either way. There is still hope that in time our Angie and Jesse will reunite!

Also… I had a friend who went the tribute to Pine Valley last night and guess what… She told Darnell Williams about me and how much of a fan I was and he sent me his love. That just made my day! You all have no idea how happy I was to read that tweet early this morning. I was in class cheesing hard! LOL! I love that man… ((Please don’t tell my other man that. He might get a little j. LOL!)) To Famousliche Thank You!!!

But yea I just had to tell you all that as well as post a little something. Walt Wiley and Darnell Williams did a talk show. The link below will take you to the playlist. There are three to listen to. Enjoy!


P.S. Stay tuned. I have another interview with Debbi Morgan from the SOW. Just in case you all have not checked it out.

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