Gobble Gobble Gobble!!!

I’m getting ready to head over to my cousins and because of the early black Friday sales and whatnot I don’t know when I will be back home. (They are very serious this year. Which kind of scares me! LOL!!) So, I just wanted to take the time out to tell all my wonderful readers and commenters



What am I thankful for?

Hmmm! I’m thankful for life, my family and friends, my love and… I am thankful for all you! You guys are the best and this goes for my readers at the Chamber as well. You all are the very best readers and reviewers anybody could have. Because you don’t hold back on anything, you make it known that you want answers and you want updates and most of all you push me to continue writing! And with that being said… Look for some updates because they might come tonight(Depending on what time I get home) or anytime between Friday and Monday Night. (That goes for my chamber readers too)

Anyway, I just had to take a break from packing up the pies to say thank you, Happy Turkey Day and I hope you all have a great one.

PS. Here’s a little old school Darnell Williams and his leading lady Debbi Morgan. Enjoy and get out your seats and dance! Because I know I’m about to! LOL

Kisses and hugs from this huge AnJ fan to another!

JnA08, TeamJnA!

WTF Prospect Park???

I was sitting here watching Y&R, heard Debbi was back. Anyway,a tweet came to my phone and I had to break to see what was happening. Now I saw a mention of PP earlier today, but I didn’t know what it was about, until just now. Apparently they have suspended all efforts of bringing back AMC and OLTL! What the fuck is their problem!?!? Prospect Park is worse than Pratt’s ass, I hope the rest of the shit they decide to handle just fails!

Prospect Park you know you are dead wrong for building up people’s hope and then just suddenly shooting them down! Getting the stars of these soaps to sign with you and then do nothing with them! I bet you all knew the minute you started doing all of this that you wouldn’t be able to pull it off, but you decided to keep on milking people’s excitement and support. Dumb bastards! PP kiss my big toe and go straight to hell!

Now, what the hell happens with the cliffhanger? I think they should give us a 2hour finale. Bring all the stars of AMC back, pick up where they left off and give the fans some real closure. That is if there isn’t somebody else out there whose serious about reviving this soap.

Damn, my Angie and Jesse! ((I’m gonna go cry now.))

Whew! Stories Updated! Stories Updated!

Jumping for joy and wiping away sweat. LOL! No just kidding, I’m just jumping for joy. But seriously I really-really thought I wasn’t going to be able to start up again. After not working on this for so long and having to only focus on the human body, bones and systems it was so hard put my focus back on this. That and I am going through a major All My Children withdrawal. Like seriously I could watch an episode and soon after be ready to give you all another update. I miss Angie and Jesse like crazy! And though I have my prized AnJ DVD’s, it’s not the same as watching them on a daily basis or whenever they were on and watching them live. But I guess I don’t have to explain all of that to you because you know exactly what I’m talking about. Anyway… I have finally typed up an update for “That Should Be Me” and “This Is Forever”!

It’s only one update of each, but trust me I am trying. If it makes anybody feel any better my thanksgiving break is coming up and while I’m resting, I will be working on my stories more. So once again I asked that you all bear with little old me. And I also would like to thank you for continuing to visit my blog and showing me love. Someone left a comment saying they would love to read an update and you all have no idea how that made my day and even pushed me to focus more. So to that person I thank you and I know my readers thank you as well. And hey to you all if I don’t update for a while or don’t let you all know what the heck is happening with the stories, you all have my permission to leave comments asking me “Where the hell are you? Are you coming back? I know you’re not going to leave us hanging like that ma’am!”

LOL!!! Seriously, I won’t mind it at all! I’m not like a lot of writers who will curse you out or tell you to get a damn life… I like to know that you are enjoying my stories and that you are ready for more and more. So please feel free to get with me or if you don’t want to comment here you can shoot me an email. rhonora@gmail.com. Anyway, I have taken up your time as it is. Go on and check out the updates and let me know what you think.

Love, peace and hair grease… No!

Kisses and hugs from this huge AnJ fan to another!

JnA08, TeamJnA!