WTF Prospect Park???

I was sitting here watching Y&R, heard Debbi was back. Anyway,a tweet came to my phone and I had to break to see what was happening. Now I saw a mention of PP earlier today, but I didn’t know what it was about, until just now. Apparently they have suspended all efforts of bringing back AMC and OLTL! What the fuck is their problem!?!? Prospect Park is worse than Pratt’s ass, I hope the rest of the shit they decide to handle just fails!

Prospect Park you know you are dead wrong for building up people’s hope and then just suddenly shooting them down! Getting the stars of these soaps to sign with you and then do nothing with them! I bet you all knew the minute you started doing all of this that you wouldn’t be able to pull it off, but you decided to keep on milking people’s excitement and support. Dumb bastards! PP kiss my big toe and go straight to hell!

Now, what the hell happens with the cliffhanger? I think they should give us a 2hour finale. Bring all the stars of AMC back, pick up where they left off and give the fans some real closure. That is if there isn’t somebody else out there whose serious about reviving this soap.

Damn, my Angie and Jesse! ((I’m gonna go cry now.))

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