Testing, testing… Sorry!

Posting from my phone so I really hope this work… Just incase you all don’t have a twitter or have one and don’t follow moi, the story updates have been post-poned. Last week I was set to upload but my internet knocked me off before I could. I tampered with it for awhile and still nothing. I called my company and they ticked me off but said they would get on it as soon as they could. earlierĀ  this week they finally called and told me they were going to come out, check my line and have it fixed by the weekend. I am still waiting on them!

I promised you all updates and please believe had it not been for this crap I would have kept it. It seems like everytime I get ready to do something, something else comes up and keeps me from doing my thing. It really pisses me off! Just like I know it does for you all too. So again minor set back and a major comeback when all is back in tip top shape. (I couldn’t remember how to work wp from my phone so I had to tinker a bit with it. LOL!)
Anyway, if this works then I will post more status on the situation and better believe I will be looking into other companies because this is just ridic!

if you were able to read this, let me know.
P.S. If you have a twitter and you’re not following me. Please do. @LadyR0709. (Maybe I’ll start a twitter page for the blog so you’ll know little things that may happen on here and what not. Let me know what you all think of that idea…)

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