Darnell back on the screen? Say what?!

Yes! Yes!! Yes!!! That is correct. Today a friend of mine posted on my FB page a link to SOD website where they reported that Darnell Williams will be joining his ex-costar and dear friend Debbi Morgan on The Young and The Restless!

At the moment there is no word on if he will be playing a new character or a recast. But he will be on the show.

I bet he’ll be a new character who just so happens to be apart of Harmony and Tucker’s past. When I was in the store it took me all of ten minutes to come up with a storyline for them. I mean like damn it’s so good, so damn good I;’m thinking about typing it up. I know I have many stories happening as it is, but I always say when a good idea catches, when the muse rousing up you shouldn’t anger it by ignoring it. So yea, I’m going to work it out. And I’m going to maybe create a blog just for it or maybe just go ahead and create my own site and make sure I have a name that doesn’t solely shine light on just one. It’ll be for both and possibly any other stories I have.

I am currently a week and a half behind on Y#R, but I’m going to catch up and better believe when Darnell joins I will not miss a damn day. So serious! I will be rushing home from school to watch. LOL!

They may not be the actually Angie and Jesse, but one way or another they will be AnJ, just named differently. Ahh! This is so exciting. All is right again…(For the moment.)

Anyway,  I will keep you all up to date as more information comes through.


3 responses to “Darnell back on the screen? Say what?!

  1. I loved this website so much because it keeps me updated about what’s going on with the soaps that I watch and miss dearly that I had to subscribe. You’re amazing!

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