Extra! Extra!! Read All About It!!!

I posted this on the blog’s twitter page. I should have posted it here too.

I do apologize for the delay in updates… A lot of stressful shit has been happening and right now I can’t focus on anything. I haven’t been reading like I normally do, haven’t even had the drive to really get online. Surprisingly enough the stress has absolutely nothing to do with school or family… To be honest I would be more welcome to school stress. Anyway, hopefully soon things will began to come to a head and sooner rather than later disappear altogether. Once again I do apologize.

In the meantime, while I am trying to get things under control on my end I would like to give you all a mini challenge. As many of you know “That Should Be Me” is coming to an end… *Sigh* I know! K, I prefer to work on more than 1 story at a time, but no more than 2 or 3 though. I would like for you all to come up with a SL for AnJ. One that has not been done or one that has been done, but you felt could have been done a lot better. Now, there is no minimum or maximum number of ideas you can send me, all will be read. They will each be looked at by me and my cousin who will be more involved soon. (Both of us are under some crazy ish! SMH!) Anywho, at the end we will have a poll on which we will do first! The beauty of this is that your ideas will be given a chance to be read and reviewed and better believe you will get your recognition! It’ll be like you’re the head-writer and my cousin and myself will be your writers to make sure it’s done amazingly. If you would like to participate shoot me an email to rhonora@gmail.com… There is absolutely no requirement to do this and there is absolutely no rush!

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