It’s Somebody’s Birthday!!!!

Happy Birthday to the one and only, our sexy milk chocolate hunk of a man, Darnell Williams!!!! Yes ladies, today Papa Bear turned 57 and damnit don’t look it!


Darnell, just want to say I have caught your episodes on Y&R and I must say sir you are doing an amazing job. You have the hard-ass doc down pact! Secondly I want to say congratulation’s on the pre-nom’s… I have a strong feeling you are going to win that award. You and the lovely Diva Debbi. The both of you did such such amazing jobs on AMC and the very last storyline though a heartbreaking one was a great one, you both brought the house down with those performances. Last, but certainly not least, I hope you have a Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday filled with many blessings and I hope for many many more years to come your way. Have a great day!


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