Hey guys and guls! This is Jaime, Ro’s most talked about and favoritest cousin in the whole wide world! So a few days ago, Ro recieved an e-mail from somebody who had nothing nice to say about the way she was writing. She showed it to me today and I must say it was very hurtful. This person, whose name I will not indulge for the simple fact you know exactly who you are, was mad or disappointed in the way she was writing Angie and Jesse. Said she didn’t even know how to write a kidnapping and finding correctly. Some crap! Just going on and on about how they felt she was just wasting peoples time.

Needless to say this kind of got to Ro. I know this because when I asked her when she was going to update because just like you all, I want to know what’s going to happen with Angie and Ellie and the crew, she told me she wasn’t feeling it anymore. Said she wasn’t sure if she should have done it the way she did. Then she said she had a case of writers block. Then after my constant nagging she finally told me.

Not saying that my cousin is weak, it’s just there is a certain way you say things and that pairing with the other crap she’s dealing with isn’t a good mix!

The reason I am saying this is to say, if you have a problem with the way she writes, have a problem with the way she may handle a certain part of a story then by all means please save yourself the headache. Because though you may not like it alot of other people do and those are the more important people and if you have nothing nice to say then by all means shut the hell up! My cousin isn’t typing these stories to become published or tell people this is how it is in real life, she is just typing for pleasure. For the people who share with her in the love of Angie and Jesse. She’s just doing what she likes to do and that is type and share what she see’s going on in her mind or what she would like to see if AMC was still on the screen.

So once again if you have nothing nice to say just don’t say anything at all and please by all means don’t click on this site again!

For the fans who do love her writing, who could careless how she writes a certain part, she thanks you and as for me, I’m going to see if I can get her out of this mood and get to writing again.

She’s probably going to kick my ass for telling U all this but I don’t care, besides yall needed to know what was happening.

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  1. Hey Jaime and Ro! It’s Dix from the AMC RPG site (don’t worry, no April fooling going on)
    Just wanna say we love/miss the both of you and your RPing over there like mad, and we hope to see you guys back there when you are able to be.
    And Ro, coming from a fan who does love your writing and has for quite some time, don’t let one lone shortsighted critic get you down or worse yet doubting you/your ability to tell a good story. Especially a story with your OTP of J&A, who you know inside and out. You’re too darn talented for that and I know plenty of folks who can back me up. Your fanfics are terrific and your RPing is even better, cuz with that you have to write stuff that will inspire other people to write their own stuff.And it’s not easy! But (quoting my beloved Thaddeus J….not to brag or nothin’,) we’ve had a lock on it for years (it really has been years, ack!)

    Anyways..hang in there and take all the time you need to get your muse up, running and back in action. Sending hugs to ya both! ❤

  2. Whoever the ignorant person that sent the email was is just jealous because Ro you have an amazing talent not many have. I love your stories and really hope you continue to bless us with your talent.I like many of your other readers are dying to find out what happens to Angie and Ellie. By the way speaking from a personal stand point a good writer is always going to have people trying to put them down. I write myself and I even major in two fields in college. I have people that hate what I write and are vocal about it and I have people who love it. I can tell you from a huge Angie and Jesse fan to another your doing great justice with your stories every time I read (and re-read :-D) your stories I can picture full scenes in my mind not many people are vivid like that. Please keep writing don’t let on jealous inconsiderate moran keep your from something dear to your heart.

  3. Your guys are amazing, don’t listen to what the haters have to say. I have and idea for a storyline, but I don’t know where to send it’s?

  4. RO ,
    please dont listen to what that hater said .you are doing a wonderful job on the stories and please keep writing .I look forward to reading them you are one good writer .

  5. Please don’t focus on the negative and that one hater! We love you… I love and respect your talent! Whenever i miss seeing Angie and Jesse i come read your stories!

  6. Girl f that ignorant errrrrrrrrr person they are just jealous and most likely can’t write themselves and wish they could write as well as you f that hater girl continue to do what you do best and I agree with annjfan when I read your story I can actually picture the scene that I am reading and I a going to keep it 100% real with you sometimes when I am in the zone and really into the story and consintrate it like you could actually see and hear the whole story in your mind and it make you say yep I know that right that is just what anj would say or do or it leaves you speechless than you know you did your job as a writer so you can tell that person to kiss your ass in a macy’s display window in the middle of rush hour traffic on a Monday morning and keep it moving. Don’t pay them any mind you were not put on this earth to please everybody. And as for you ms jamie I am still waiting to read your story too.

  7. Ms. Ro, please don’t listen to the haters, continue to do what you love and have a true and natural talent for and that is writing for “Angie and Jesse”. I along with others look forward to reading what you’ve come up with next for the couple, you inspire us, me to want to write because of your brilliance, so don’t let one person break you or make you feel bad for your writing because you are amazing at this and this site gives me something to look forward. Please keep it up!!! All the best!!!

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