Words Can’t Even Express

First off let me start by saying, yes Jaime is still standing, though she may be limping because as she predicted I kicked her gluteus maximus! LOL! But seriously, I was a little angry at her for going against me when I politely asked her to not bring this anymore attention, but at the same time I am glad she did. Reasons, well you all did deserve to know why I wasn’t updating on the regular or even coming to you with reasons and because of all the things you all said. Just as my title said there are no words that can even began to express what your comments meant to me.

Usually I am not one to let things like this bother me, but because I’ve been dealing with a lot of other mess it just got to me. (About to let you all in on what’s been happening.) For awhile now I have been receiving threatening calls and messages from some unknown person, even HPD can’t give me an exact answer as to who this person or these people are. (WTF Right?! Yep, I’ say all the damn time.) I was going through a break-up. (I’m over it now, but it wasn’t easy in the beginning. Guess I was much softer than I initially thought in that area. But if you all knew the details of the break-up you would be like “WTF, Ro girl just WTH!” Trust me! This ish is just like something you would see on a damn soap. All bull aside you would think Agnes Nixon or somebody was the HW for these past few months.) School work is becoming more hectic because I am weeks away from starting my externship (For those who don’t know I am in school to be an X-ray technician.) I just recently got a job and my doctor just told me I would have to resume my iron infusion treatments.(Bleeeh!) So, a lot of craziness.

Anyway, I should have said something to you all sooner about the message I received from this unhappy reader maybe then I wouldn’t have been contemplating just leaving you all hanging or leaving a message saying I’m done writing. (Definitely wrong for even letting that thought pass seeing as how wonderful the rest of you all have been!) You all’s kind words not only helped me deal with the message from that lone hater, a few others said some thing’s that I swear I needed to read concerning what was happening with me on the personal level.

If I could send you guys some kind of gift showing how much your words truly meant to me, I would! But because I can’t I hope you all will settle for an update of Angie and Jesse, brought to you by me and Jaime. Mostly Jaime this time because I’m still having brain farts… She has been working on them since Friday so hopefully we’ll have something for you all by the end of the week. Keep your fingers and toes crossed!

Once again I just have to say thank you, thank you, thank you!

P.S. I heard this song sometime ago, but I never really had a care to really listen until recently. My anthem and hopefully, if you all like this kind of music, and you have haters you’ll play this and get back into you “who cares” mood. Which I am in at the moment when it comes to those who hate.

One response to “Words Can’t Even Express

  1. Ms. Ro, glad to hear your cousin is still standing (LOL) its always good to have someone in your corner and on your side to motivate and encourage. I’m happy to hear that you are gonna shake the haters off and continue to do what you do, looking forward to the next update, I know its gonna be great!!! Oh and I’m praying for you that everything works out with school and things that are happening in your life right now, you’ll get through this and be even stronger than before. I liked that song too!

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