OMG! OMG!! OMG!!! Finally!

I’ve finally updated! OMG I finally updated! And it feels so good to finally give you all this. Feels so good to finally open a draft and finish it and become so happy with what I have done. I was bitten by the writing bug awhile ago, but everything I tried to do just didn’t seem to fit with the on going stories, which means there will more than likely be another AnJ story happening. But anyway, I couldn’t fit the pieces together and then bam! It happened and I couldn’t get the words out fast enough. If there are any typo’s I do apologize I was going so fast and I was so happy that I didn’t even give my proofreader a chance to check it out before bringing it out.

Gah! Anyway, I do apologize for the typo’s, I apologize for the long wait and I thank you all so much for you patience and your support. Okay I won’t waste anymore time, go read! Part 34 and 35 of “That Should Be Me”  has been added. Part 8 and Part 9 of “This Is Forever” has been added. Enjoy!

Love always, Ro!


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