Ro’s Coming To You Live!

Well as live as I can get… LOL! Anywho, just wanted to roll through and give you all an update on what’s been happening. I just recently quit my weekend job and for good reasons. It’s all good making money and what-not but at the same time it’s no good if you get burned out and have no time nor energy to use it. Plus with me doing extern it just wasn’t working out. So yea I quit and I do not regret. So my weekends are mine again and I will have more time to work on my stories and this blog…. Whatelse? So far I am loving everything about my externship, I have absolutely no complaints! Annnnnd….. That’s it!

I also want to say thank you all for the wonderful comments. I say it all the time and I will say it again, you all are the absolute best!

I’m thinking about finally opening up my site. (Yes I am finally going to update my stories. Gonna do that before I even focus on the site.) Okay, but I was sitting at work and I was like it’s time to do the site. And I was thinking about making a site for everybody to enjoy.

 I need something bigger because I am finding more and more AnJ stories I have posted and deleted and some I have not posted and want to share with you all. I have stories that do not pertain to Angie and Jesse, but they are my babies and I want you all to enjoy them just as much if not more than many others have. So with all of that being said I want your opinion, your thoughts and some creative minds that can make this a good place. “PassionK’s Loft” is the name, I’m leaning more towards it, but that could change in the coming days.

Anyway, if I was to open the site to everybody and give you all the same support you gave me when I caught the bad-bad reader hater bug, would many of you be willing to also post some of your work, whether it be Angie and Jesse, Tucker/Harmony/Neil/Sarge, or something not pertaining to the soap world? Banners that we could use to show off the site, videos, whatever you all have in mind? There will be no down-talking on anybody’s part, if I even see something hurtful towards a writer or creator I will deal with it, so no worries there. Also it wouldn’t have to just be about stories. Or it doesn’t just have to be about the stories. It could be about other stuff… So tell me what you all think and if you all, because I know there are some creative minds out there, will be willing to come out of your shell. What should be added other than creativity? What shouldn’t we talk about? There will be no limit that can’t be crossed because I want everybody to be comfortable enough to express themselves however they feel.

I’m asking you all because I value your opinion and I want you all to enjoy the loft just as much as I will. So with that being said, let me know what you think in the comment box or shoot me an email


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