Not Amused!

I did not know tonight was the Emmy’s!!! I feel so bad! I’ve missed too much. I missed Diva D’s and Jeff’s anniversary, episodes on Y&R and The Daytime Emmy’s. I feel bad that I missed everything and I feel bad I didn’t come to you all with the information. I have slacked a hell of a lot and so has Jaime. We’ve missed a lot… We have got’s to do better than what we have been doing. Guys, we are so sorry!

I just made it home and read about the show. (I don’t even have HLN or whatever it’s called. WTH!) I heard the outcome wasn’t a good one… Debbi and Darnell did not win Outstanding Lead Actress and Actor awards. I’m not happy about this at all! I mean who in the hell could have out done them. Their storylines and their acting were to amazing for them to be looked over like this. I further stand by the fact that the Emmy’s are rigged. I’d hate to sound like this but I don’t think they want us to win. And when I say us I mean AA’s. Can’t let an AA outdo other people, it’s not right. Something has to change because I’m tired of DnD not getting their props!

4 responses to “Not Amused!

  1. I dvr it and I posted on Twitter that the Emmy awards was today and when was their anniversary again cuz I forgot and being that they didn’t win there is no need to watch it now cuz I don’t see how they didn’t when if it wasn’t for dnd amc would’ve been canceled years ago and I totally agree that the emmies are rigged cuz she did win lead of supporting lead actress years ago for the s/l of Jesse dying but she was tie. d with someone else and I think they did an even better job now than back then

  2. Don’t feel bad I too missed their anniversary, I just remembered last week and tweeted Ms. Debbi about. I also missed the Emmy’s my cousin and I were freaking out about it because we weren’t able to watch it, then I find out Ms. Debbi was gonna be there and on top of that neither of them received their rightful awards, its insane, the two of them deserved those awards more than anything, the hardwork and tears they put into that storyline was unbelievable and for neither of them to win is a mess, I’m in awe, speechless, just too through. Ms. Ro don’t beat yourself up you always keep us in the know, you can afford one time to fall behind. Thanks for letting me vent!!!

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