My Sincere Apology

Good Evening all!

First of all I hope everybody is doing good. I am doing pretty good and I am also sorry I have not updated your stories! I started working on the new site and have yet to stop long enough to put my focus on updating. I want this place to be just right and I want it to be a place where all can come and hang-out. So again I sincerely apologize for not updating, I promise I will get around to it.

If I have not updated by the weekend you all can fuss at me as much as you want, demand three updates if you want. Just please give me until the weekend before you all fetch the dogs and belts.

Thank You

First of all… Thank you Jaime for putting me on blast like that. Secondly… You are not allowed to do anything on this blog anymore! Nah, nah! I’m just kidding, but thank you and I love you. *Whisper* I have to stop using that heffa’s laptop. Ugh!* Kidding again!

And… To you who wished me a happy birthday either here or on Facebook I thank you all so much and I love you. I was trying to repay you all with an update of both “TIF and TSBM” but they are no completed and I refuse to throw the endings together and post them. You all deserve more than that! So give me a little more time and I will update. You all have been so patient and I need to reward you all for being that and so loyal. Bear with me loves…


Happy B-Day To………………………..

Happy Birthday to the brains of this site and talented hands of these stories, Ro! Yeah today is the old lady’s birthday. I’m shocked she didn’t say anything. Hell I remember when she was younger a whole 6months before her birthday she was telling people to not forget and even giving them a list of things she wanted. Even threatened a few of us. That thing was crazy. But we loved and still love her anyway. Wouldn’t be the same without her. 

So.. Ro-Ro, Happy Birthday to you and so many more to come. & yes I did hack into your blog. Shouldn’t leave the page open on my laptop in the first place. lol! Love you ThundaKat!