I finally tracked down part 39 of That Should Be Me and it has been posted. So you all check it out and let us know what you think. Also, Ro has finally come out of the wood-works(Somewhat) and from her to you all, she thanks you all from the bottom of her heart for your kind words, prayers and patience.

Jaime here

Hey everybody…. Jaime here. Doing this as a favor to Ro. She planned on posting new updates for you all this weekend, but Thursday she got some bad news and has somewhat fallen off the face of the earth at the moment. And Monday she was let go from her job because the company claimed they didn’t have enough to continue paying her. Which I think is full of crap, they had enough they were just being cheap! The girl was doing a damn good job. She didn’t complain not once, during her breaks when she should have been studying for the big state exam she has coming up she was still seeing patients. She was bending over backwards for those people and they screwed her over.

I’m going to leave it alone because I’m getting mad all over again just talking about it. She’s also been told she’s going to need to start back on her iron treatments. So this is a triple whammy she’s dealing with. Anyway, after Monday she hadn’t really gotten back to herself and then after Thursday’s news it might be awhile, so if it’s not too much would you all keep her in your thoughts and prayers. (And this all happened just days after she graduated. Tell you if it isn’t one thing, it’s another.)

Also in the meantime I’m going to try and finish at least That Should Be Me and finish working on the new site for her. So far I have found one update of This Is Forever,(I have just posted it, Part. 13) but I’m still looking for others. She puts her stories in the weirdest places under the craziest names.