Hey Lovelies!!! It’s moi Ro!!! I am back. Not fully because I have writers block, but other than that I am back. I want to say thank you. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for all of your kind, wonderful and uplifting words and your prayers.

As Jaime said I’ve been going through a lot. I lost my job and then just a few days later the woman I loved like a grandmother and who loved me like I was her own, passed away. All of this happened in the same week, so you can only imagine what it did to me. I did as my cousin said, fell off the face of the earth. I cut my phone off and everything, I needed and wanted to be alone.

Just recently I decided that I would indeed get another job, but only after I have taken my state exam. That is very critical for my career now and in the coming future, because I will be going to school another year to further my education.

Will this affect my writing?

The website?

My updates to you all?

No it will not. Because not only am I determined to give myself a better and fulfilling life, I’m also determined to keep you all happy and forever in love with Angie and Jesse. (Even though ABC is being an behind of all behinds for nothing bringing back AMC and all…) But a rant for another time. LOL!

Anyway, again you all, thank you so much and like I said on my twitter I will finish TSBM. I know Jaime said she would but because this was my first baby on the blog, I have to see it to the end. I will also finish TIF.