March 29th 2013 Update!

Long, long, long, long time since I’ve updated my stories and gave an update on myself and my going on’s! But before we go into all of that I want everybody to get up out of their chairs, beds, floors, whatever and celebrate the fact that not only is All My Children returning on April 29th, 2013, but that it will include BOTH Angie and Jesse Hubbard!!!!! Together a-fricking-gain! One month from today!!!!


And another one from one of the fan’s who tweeted me and mentioned this song and I couldn’t help but do as the song instructed! (Did y’all know that Diva D, likes the wobble too!?!)



LOL!!! Okay, let’s get to updating. Please keep jamming though!

Anyway, awhile ago I told you all about a test that I had to take. Well I received the results last week and the news were not as good as I expected. The most important part of the exam, the core, I failed it by 10pts and in the sections I should know like the back of my hand! After getting over my initial shock I sent the paper back in to retake it and I’m currently waiting on them to send me something back letting me know the days that are available to do so. People, my heart was so broken when I got the results, because I was just so sure I had passed this test with flying colors. I cried like a big baby in the mail room and some more when I got home and more when I told my baby about it. He was like ‘baby, don’t cry, look at this as a cheat. Now you know what to truly expect when you go back in.’ That didn’t ease my pain all that much, but I truly appreciated him for trying. He has also agreed to study with me, full time this go ’round. And I believe with his help I will get it this time. So when more on that comes through I definitely let you all know about it.

Other than that little road bump, everything here has been going good. I started working again, only it’s temporary, but I’m not mad about it. I mean it’s not a permanent thing, but at the same time it’s a learning experience. Learn everybody’s system and their protocol, and when you go somewhere new and they have the same thing you won’t need anybody to train you. And if you temp and do a damn good job at it, better than the person you were replacing, they will call you back and want you to work with them full-time. Yea, I figured it all out! So I’m just sitting back and biding my time.

Anyway, that’s all I can indulge at the present moment. As time goes on I will share more news.(Knocking out a few kinks.)

Now onto the stories…. I have updated both “That Should Be Me” and “This Is Forever” one time each, but I’m working on it. I hope you all enjoy what I have and please don’t hurt me when you read the first one, just know I have more in store with that one.